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Silver Campine sitting on Indian Runner duck eggs

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    Hi All

    I have a silver campine chook that has been broody for ages so have stuck some Indian Runner eggs and so far she seems to be doing the right thing. We also have 8 Indian runners. I guess I’m after any advice, I know people that have had the chook sit and then raise the ducklings as well. Any tips? The exciting part is they are due 20th Dec :cheer:



    We used to have chickens hatch and raise ducklings in the past, it always went well. I sometimes used to put some chicken eggs under a week later so they would hatch on the same day, never once had a problem with it. I have heard of other people having issues with the broody killing the ducklings, but I think it comes down to how good a mum the broody is.

    Be a little careful after they hatch, the chook tends to go nuts when the ducklings go for a swim. Sometimes she can go in to save them and end up in trouble herself.

    I have tried hatching the other way, I have put chicken eggs under a muscovy duck. It did not go at all well, she crushed most eggs and the few that did not get crushed died a few days before they were due to hatch. Apparently bacteria gets through a chicken egg, but duck eggs are waxy.

    I hope your hatch goes well!



    i have used chooks to hatch ducklings many times and agree with Mukluk alot of your success depends on the quality of the mother.


    avoid the temptation to interfere (too much) at hatching time

    allow a quiet stress free environment at hatching time so they bond quickly

    as chooks don’t go swimming keep eggs humid by dipping fingers in water and flicking over clutch once per day particularly close to hatch.

    problems occur when chick/duckling reject the mother and show fear the mother then usually pecks them on the head.

    dont be in a hurry to let her out for a stretch once hatching begins…….good mother wont leave the nest once they hear cheeps so make sure she goes for a daily drink poo and feed so u can keep her on once hatching starts.

    DO NOT lock her on nest this may upset her and lead to crushed babies……use low light/dark conditions to trick her/ducklings its night time.

    candle eggs a week b4 so the nest isn’t over crowded at hatching.

    good luck



    Never got back to this, she did an excellent job and hung around them for months!! Those ducks have only just realised they aren’t chooks a couple of months ago 😉 Got a few Indian runners and hoping to get a broody again, even better of the silver campine had another go. The first one hatched overnight and when I checked at 7am, I found a duckling lined up with the chooks and ducks waiting to come out! Lucky nobody hurt it!


    Well 2 nights in a row we lost a duck, searching the yard when locking everyone up to find nothing! Both nights we found her around 10pm hanging around the yard.. So today we watched her closely as she takes off and found she has a nest under a spiky palm near our deck!! So we added some eggs, we can’t get in close enough to see how many she has anyway. We used a golf ball retriever to add them and she hissed a bit. We have fenced her in more for protection on foxes and left water and food, I think is is what she returned for.. So fingers crossed we may see ducklings in a month 😉 And here we have been hoping for a broody to take some eggs!! She is just in the middle of the leaves in the second picture!


    fingers crossed for you 😀


    Any updates for us Imd80?



    Haha she was a bad mummy! But they are now in an incubator and growing well 😉 fingers crossed!


    Oh dear, that was bad luck Imd80.  Good luck with them.


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