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Sick Isa Browns

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    Been a while since I posted.

    I had a flock of 5 Isa Browns but 3 of them were killed by dogs last year. I’ve finally replaced them with 3 new point of lay hens. A few days after I got them home I noticed one had a dark flaky patch on it’s beak near one nostril. I initially thought it was just dirt but they usually keep their beaks fairly clean and when it was still there the next day, I had a closer look and realised that it’s some sort of secretion from the nostril. It seems otherwise healthy, but a bit timid.

    This morning, I discovered one of the older hens standing on one leg and puffed up in the corner of the run. I went over to her and could hear her gurgling as she breathes. She also now has dark patches on the beak which looks like dirt stuck to moisture and I have noticed the other older hen now has this too.

    So I guess it doesn’t take a genius to realise that I have a contagious chook disease here. I’ve contacted the supplier, who is contacting the wholesaler to find otu what it might be. I guess it’s too late now to separate the other two young ones, which look perfectly healthy. Could be they’ve already had it.

    Just not sure what it is and what might need to be done. I’m hoping it isn’t something nasty but does anyone have any advice on what I should do with them? They’re not in contact with any other animals (except me).


    Hi silentC, that’s terrible that your chickens are sick, I googled a bit and found this:

    have you heard back from the supplier at all?? have your chickens gotten worse or better??

    I really have no advice to offer I’m sorry, never encountered anything like that before at all

    Hope all goes well for you



    Hi Fruitful! Thanks for the link.

    They ended up giving me the number for the breeder and I rang him last night. Says it’s strange because he hasn’t had any disease in his flock. My chooks came down on a truck and he said there were other chickens not from him on it, but it would be unlikely that my new chook would’ve developed symptoms so quickly, so a mystery.

    Anyway he said it sounds like CRD, which is mentioned on the link you posted. He has sent me some antibiotic powder in the mail to add to their water. It won’t turn up until next week now though, so I hope the poor things survive the weekend. To make it worse, I’m going away tonight and not back until Sunday late.

    Both my older hens have it full on now and they gurgle when they breath. It must be misery for them. So far the other two new ones are fine.


    Sounds like infectious sinunitis to me. (spelling)

    I had this go through my yard many years ago, lived away from others so don’t know where it came from but I lost hens turkeys and peacocks before we found what it was.

    Needed antibiotics to clean it up


    Yeah that’s another name for CRD apparently. And once they have it, they carry it for life, which means any new chickens that come in could get it.

    I’m more than a bit annoyed about it. At myself for not checking them thoroughly before taking them, and at them for giving me a sick bird…

    Hopefully I won’t lose any but I suppose it’s on the cards. Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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