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Shower every day or bird bath in between?

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    like the verse you have written 🙂 awsome.

    Is this a chat site as well as a Poultry etc?


    Shower everyday, but all our grey water goes to our irrigation area (future orchard). Also, we collect more than enough water in our 90000 Litre water tank. If that were to ever to run out (most doubtful) we also have a natural underground aquafer and a dam. Luckily, for us, water is not a problem.


    even as a kid we (6) of us were all thrown in the bath at once,till we were teens,then we had a max of 2 mins each,soap,suds and rinse then out

    still do that these days,the water when the greywater tank is full it automatically sprinkles out onto the gardens


    I can still remember my parents telling me that I took long showers as a kid….still do :laugh: . We are fortunate though, we live on a rural property but have town water :tup: plus a dam and water tank. We’re water babies here. My eldest has the nickname wally walrus in the bath ’cause we just can’t get him to get out most nights until his hands look wrinkly :laugh:


    I am now having bird baths until Saturday as a part broke and I have no water in the house, but plenty of water outside. The earliest the plumber can come is Saturday morning.

    I am enjoying the challenge actually and using way less water 🙂

    This morning I had to wash my hair and that was different lol…


    Way to go Kristy… Im with mumof6~ i am totally getting my kids to wash their own clothes in the bath from now on… i have sooooo much washing to do, and now were toilet training 3 kids we have a bit extra everyday!

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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