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Shower every day or bird bath in between?

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    I saved my shower water this morning and it overfilled a small wheelie bin, 15L maybe?

    This got me thinking do people shower everyday or maybe have a bird bath in between, which is what my Nan used to. Also when I visted my neighbough she admitted that she doesn’t shower everyday.

    So what are your thoughts?

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    I don’t know about you, Kristy, but I don’t fit in a bird bath….. 🙁

    Seriously though, living in a rural area, not on town water makes you a bit more careful about your water usage and not having to go to work and deal with other people means I can go without a shower every day. Just do a “top and tail” as my mother terms it.

    I suspect by the pong of some of our neighbours they’re not doing the bird bath thing in between times. :sick:


    I dont shower every day, the kids dont either unless they need to. Usually its a bath for them every second night and even then, if they have been inside all day we ‘bird bath’ at night when they get their PJ’s on. Your skin doesnt need cleaning that often anyway, i reckon its good for it to have its natural oil left alone. I would like to shower more often, but i usually miss out as i ‘work’ too hard to get time for a shower lol!

    We also recycle clothes, if its not dirty, you wear it again! As its summer here we have a little paddle pool on the balcony that we encourage the kids to jump in in the afternoons to clean off, its like 5 kids being washed in two buckets of water. and its good enough for them! I wash my feet in it, and i wash my face and underarms every night before bed if im not showering. Though, there are certain times of the month when women must shower every day…


    LOL lady B, i understand what you mean, i too dont leave my house most days so i suppose i can gget away with a top and tail too. Ive actually been looking for a nice old fashioned wash bowl, as they are very pretty! But yes, there are those few people who should shower every day, but dont… They are usually elderly, and im sure if some one told them that a quick shower more than once a week would not waste too much water, the world would be a better, less pongy place!

    Oh, to save plenty of shower time, i shave with 1 cup of warm water and sorbelene, usually in the back yard. Just use a small towel to wipe the excess off and away you go!


    :huh: Now if we’re camping in the bush and it’s winter we can get away with it as we all smell the same anyway so a quick scrub every other day is ok then but in the middle of summer????? :sick: In saying that we went camping last Easter with some friends and my friends DH didn’t wash for 4 days and smelt like it too :jawdrop: I couldn’t go near him by the end of the trip :laugh:

    I must admit that I am a scrub a day gal and will always be so. My inlaws used to live on a rural property where they only had tank water and I remember there were times the kids all had a bird bath. As long as you wash each day does it really matter how you do it?? The only time I remember my elderly dad not washing was when he was at home with Alzheimers just before he went into care. He forgot you needed to wash :sick:

    If water is an issue fill the bath with a couple of inches of water or get a bucket and tip it over your head after soaping down. That’s what we do when we go camping. 🙂


    shower everyday here, sometimes twice a day

    at one stage in my life i used to have up to 4 a day, it was my way of escaping the kids for a while.


    I didnt mean that when im dirty i dont bother, if ive been outside working, i do. Its more of a ‘shower when needed’. If i dont sweat, i dont shower. If we need to shower during the day we do a communal shower. we have a large stall in our ensuite that fits about 1 adult and 4 kids, so dad goes first with 4, then he gets out, i get in, kids slowly get out one after then other, then kid 5 jumps in, then i get out and number 6 gets in, then they get out! On occasion i have been know to share my shower with dogs, little ones, not the german shepherd i had… also i had a cat who liked to shower, and ive taken pot plants in as well, just kept them in the corner where they got the spray! also, i have taken stuff like the high chairs in to clean in there, those play tables for babies, like activity centres, um… out door chairs, baby toys, to clean while im showering… Theres lots of stuff you can do to make your shower more worthwhile!


    :jawdrop: That’s a whole new slant on saving water, Crystal. Sorry,I couldn’t help visualising your communal shower…….plus assorted furniture, plants and animals.And a showering cat …now that’s different!!

    I’m a daily showerer, quickly with very low pressure tank water, drives visitors nuts!! Do have town water for back up but rarely need to use it.But remember ……..I’m officially ELDERLY so that’s my excuse!! :laugh: :laugh: ( A reference to previous posts.)


    Ok, so the stuff doesnt go in with all the kids too. thats for times when i shower on my own 😉 but it works for me, i dont like wasting time, more than the water… And occasionally i enjoy a nice long shower, but feel bad that its wasting time, so i work in the shower… I dont like being idle lol!


    I have just started running again so I’ll have a quick run through the water after. We’re on tank and bore only, no mains, so water is precious. My Great Aunty Peg used to say, “you don’t need a shower every day, all you need is an ABC sponge bath – armpits, breasts & crotch.” :laugh:


    I agree BV, though my feet need to be on that ABC list too! cant stand having dirty feet…


    Loving reading everyone’s thoughts on this 😀


    For me it depends, on good days it’s about every 2nd day with a top & tail in between. But if I have an allergic reaction to something I have come in contact with, (most times it’s in the air) I can have up to two showers in a day. Hot weather I’ll have one or two very short showers a day it depends on how bad my eczema is and if I have a migraine or not.


    crystal post=334701 wrote: I dont like being idle lol!

    Yeah……..sort of gathered that!! :clap: :clap:



    ABC then

    D unny bit :dry:

    E ars

    F eet

    G ut

    H air

    I have no idea

    J iggly bits (guys)

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