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Shout Box – Part 5

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    Oh Fatima, that really is horrible! You must be feeling cursed! Hoping things improve :hug:


    warm and humid here

    played cricket monday night, thought I was gonna die out in the middle of the pitch.

    We batted, I made 33, highest in the team

    We were passing bottles of water between fielders and batsmen, during play. then we went off for drink, after drinks the wicket keeper come off, thought she was going to be sick, it was shocking, I tell you, shocking 😆

    41 tomorrow they forcast and my girl is off to her formal. please let the cool change come through before they have to get dressed.


    Well Vic sure didn’t get a cool change! I hope your daughters ‘formal’ goes off/went off well despite the heat froot_loopz.

    I had a terrific day despite the heat. Went to craft group, then we all went off to a special lunch for a friend, which was very tasty indeed. I had apple and walnut salad which was light and tasty and very satisfying. Only had iced water to drink, very cooling. We went back to the shop for more craft stuff in the afternoon which turned out to be mostly chat and laugh and very little craft was done.

    Lovely day with lovely folk, wonder what the poor people were doing!!!



    My girl

    it went from being hot, to being hot and wet 😆

    in other pics it looks like the hair didnt last the night but her smiles gets bigger as the night went along according to the photos.

    thats not me in the pic but a family friend, who ran em everywhere while I was at work


    Photos are so good for keeping memories alive I reckon. You have a beautiful daughter fruit_loopz and that’s a lovely gown. I bet she had a ‘ball’. :clap: :clap:

    Good friends are better than gold. :clap:

    🙂 :hug:


    Haven’t been on much lately. Just busy with life in general and markets trying to get my soapmaking business moving along a bit so I can draw some money from it.

    Been doing a fair bit of volunteer work with the local surf club too.

    I’ve got a couple of baby chickens running around, Just starting to pick beans, zuchinnis, a few baby spuds, lettuce and greens and cucumbers out of the garden bring on summer. Can’t wait for some tomatoes but I think they will be about Christmas. Sick of broody chickens 3 out of the 6 I have go broody at the drop of the hat. Time to replace them this year.

    We’ve got at least one baby rosella in the next box the kids built with their Dad in the winter




    Hi kerrieb :wave: Good to see you back here. How is the soap business going? Chicks are gorgeous, but you’re right – broodies are a pain when you want more eggs, not more chicks! Sounds like you’re gardening is ticking along nicely 🙂

    DS8 had a birthday on the weekend. Had some friends over for pizza – have I mentioned how much I loove my wood oven? Here’s the birthday cake I made her:


    Gorgeous cake Bel. I love musk sticks


    played cricket last night we won.

    my arthritic back isnt so happy today, it was bloody cold out on that field and fielding always hurts my back worse than batting. All that running and bending and twisting

    we had a couple of guys ride through the game on a motor bike, knocked over both sets of stumps, then we had a pair of dogs wanting to play.

    I was waiting for a hot streaker to appear, but he didnt :sigh:


    Oh boy some have had a bad run of events. I hope all is well with you all now. It is raining here after a day of38 yesterday in Perth while we have an out of control fire in the south of the state.

    I will be very busy soon as the house plans for the property have been approved, only took a week, how good is that? Unfortunately rain may mean we have to transport straw bales from a bit further away than we had wished, but we will have to see.

    I would like to wish all ALSs a happy holiday break, whatever you belief system may be and hope for you all that the new year brings you peace,harmony and happiness.



    Things seem to have improved here now. The flue for the wood stove caught fire the other day but other than that all is good and am recovering quite well. I would also like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a New Year that brings you great joy. Be safe everyone. 🙂


    Strange weather patterns seem to be becoming ‘normal’, we are very cold at the moment. With a ’38’ day coming up on Sat. :blink:

    Have family visiting and all are having a great time. Lots of fun and laughter and making of plans………… :clap: 🙂

    We’ve had enough rain to refill the big water tank and the overflow tanks are full again so all bodes well for the vegies this summer. :tup:

    The boysonberries are ripening nicely, yummo!!!!!!! And, so far, no disasters in the garden, fingers crossed!!!!!!! :whistle:



    Last night it threw it down again and it is raining a bit still. Cool and cloudy.not good for the wheat harvest but Will help with the water supply


    Been up since 5am have a birthday party for 6– 7years olds at 11.30-1.30 its down the local park but the weather

    has started to blow, hope it goes or dies down for the party.

    Its been warm all night and is supposed to rain tonight so I hope it does the tank is down a bit. :shrug:

    Have made the cake other day and iced it. Made home made coloured popcorn, 100s and 1000s sandwiches,

    chips sausage rools and pies. and will BBQ some sausages, The park as a great playground

    so the kids will be busy.


    went to the christmas dinner for work last night, had a ball.

    have a couple of mystery shops to do today

    Hope the weather improves for the party today Robyne

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