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    While sitting in front of the computer this morning, minding my own bees wax, I heard a bit of commotion outside, didn’t think to much of it and not wanting to be disturbed I carried on regardless, then just as I was getting to an interesting bit on a ALS, came a sit up and take notice sound, then nothing, ah oh this might be serious me thinks, so reluctantly I got up and made my way to the bathroom window which was the general direction of the high pitched squeal. :shrug:

    Peering through the louvers gave nothing away, everything looked normal although I couldn’t get a visual on my good wife so I said in a very concerning voice, :huh: whats up? ………TURN THE F#*~@!*G FENCE OFF was the reply, aaah hehehe now I know what all the noise was about ha ha oops don’t let her hear me laugh, just go and turn the electric fence off.

    Apparently after milking the goat, the dairy maid was leading the goat back to it’s paddock, now you gotta picture this, Bec holding wet lead attached to said goat opens steel gate attached to star picket protruding from wet ground, (don’t get ahead of me stop laughing) the nice goat, feeling a bit frisky with the drizzly rain, accidently put her nose on the live wire, electricity has a way of finding earth and one way was to run along the lead rope and finding the picket which is a great earth contact, unfortunately for my dear wife it had to go through her to get to the picket.

    It’s all good, nobody got hurt but now she is stomping around the place making silly noises about why she is milking the bloody goats and someone else can do it, (wonder who she is talking about) life is full of little surprizes. 😛


    Thanks for the morning giggle, lavman! You know what they say, “it can only get better!” And my sister’s favourite: “if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all”. Hope 2014 improves rapidly for your wife!


    Ouch, but she’s still alive. (You may have heard on the news of the poor bloke who got struck by lightning. So very sad for his son, 11 yrs old and they were a single parent family)


    No I hadn’t heard, that’s terrible, the poor kid.

    Nothing like that with my wife, it was only an electric fence albeit a big one, but only designed to shock not to hurt.

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    I nearly didn’t read this because I didn’t want too much bad news to start the year! LOL

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Having been on the receiving end of a similar shock on a neighbour’s fence, I swore I’d been shot in the back the force was so great.

    It’s not a laughing matter!

    (however a bloke peeing on an electric fence is hysterical!) 😉


    That’s hilarious lavman! Thanks for the giggle 😀

    I hadn’t heard about the poor chap hit by lightning either – sad 🙁


    Hope she didnt spill the milk !!!


    :laugh: You’re right Rubicon, it’s always funny when someone else gets zapped, most of the time it’s me copping it and the wife and kids laughing.

    Fortunately Bushy, she didn’t have the milk with her or she may have spilt it 🙂


    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    QUOTE Unless you have heard it, you have no idea of the duration and loudness of the fart a horse will uncork when he gets zapped! UNQUOTE

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


    lavman post=359344 wrote:

    the nice goat, feeling a bit frisky with the drizzly rain,

    Now you’re just bragging huh :laugh: Dry as a bone here 🙁

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