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Septic tank servicing recommendations please – Adelaide

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend a septic servicing company for our septic.

    We have a Septreat system, and because it treats the water then recycles it, by pumping it through an irrigation system onto the garden, we are “legally required” to have it serviced every quarter. The company we had been going through charges about $80 a time and all they do is stick a pool test strip in the water from the end tank (the clean treated water ready to be pumped out) and maybe put some more chlorine tablets in the dispenser bit (normal pool tablets). Also the fact that they have repeatedly been asked to let us know when they will be in the area at least a day or more before because the system is behind locked gates, we have a dog which will need to be contained, and we work full time so ringing in the morning and wanting to come round that day will not work for us (like happened today!!!! GRRR!!!)

    So just wondering if anyone else has this type of system (biocycle etc which pumps the treated water out to the garden) which requires regular servicing by a licensed technician, and if so who do you go through and are you happy with them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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