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September Challenge – Plant a Perennial

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    I planted sweet potatoes. Pretty impressed I managed the challenge cos I only had one bathtub available by chance!!


    Bobbee wrote:

    Now I have planted them I will probably go and check them out on scarecrows garden link thingies. 😆 😆

    There’s nothing quite like doing things back to front. 😆 😆

    Sorry Bobbee but you won’t find much info on Sweet Potatoes in my Blog because the silly things don’t want to grow in my garden. They hate the heat (even under shadecloth they demand way too much water) and don’t like the cold…so I plant more user friendly things. 🙂

    I know I’m coming in late on this challenge but I did finally get my Lillypilly planted…it’s been in a pot in the shadehouse for ages. I was afraid the frosts would get it until I realised that the frosts were getting into the shadehouse anyway! :confused:

    I’m waiting for the last frosts here to plant out 2 Olive trees, a Pomegranate and more Strawberry Guavas…not that these things mind the frosts too much, I just didn’t get around to planting them earlier. 😉

    My Chestnut trees from this years (earlier) planting are sprouting leaves and the Loganberry is starting to flower. :tup:


    That’s a pretty savage frost, Scarecrow!

    We are harvesting tropical apples, nectarines and more citrus from our older fruit trees – hooray! I can’t wait for the new ones to produce.


    This was a great challenge, thankyou! I’m keen to find more perennial veges to put in, we only have a few that act as perennials here – silverbeet, celery, spring onions.

    Before Sep we had over 20 fruit/nut/berries in, but this month we’ve planted out a pecan & tahitian lime, divided the rhubarb into more clumps (how much does one family need? lol), planted asparagus and sown cape gooseberry, and are preparing spots for a black passionfruit and sultana grape. And I’ve finally got tiny shoots on the sweet potatoes that have been in water for 3wks.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all this lot produce too Suz!


    han_ysic wrote:

    I’m in, my first challenge. I have blueberries and banana passionfruit to go in. Oh and Arrowroot. I also want some sweet potatos, if anyone has some vine and would like to send me I would love some. Or I’ll hunt around locally. Does anyone have thoughts on planting my Blueberries?

    I have planted the banana passionfruit, and the chamomile I got at the Berry garden fair on the weekend. Still have to plant the blueberries, the passionfruit, the arrowroot and the ….Fingerlime! (which I also got at the fair.)


    Asparagus is very rewarding. Once it gets going it is very tough. Mine withstands a lot of neglect. And it is extreemly yummy. I eagerly await it’s arrival each Spring. I usually order mine mail order in Winter but I notice you can buy punnets art bunnings. It takes a couple of years before you can start picking but it’s so worth it. Cheers KundleMax

Viewing 6 posts - 106 through 111 (of 111 total)
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