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September Challenge – Plant a Perennial

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    I transplanted the taro because it was suffering in the salt water (that is still in the aquaponics system)


    I will be planting my white mulberry, lilliepillie, neem and pepino tommorrow and on the weekend will have a lemon, lime and mandarine trees to plant. Was going to do it today but it rained to much.:wave:


    Well I got around to planting some rhubarb today. So that’s another perrenial in the ground.


    I finally got another passionfruit vine to kill (I kill one every few years – can’t grow them to save myself). Must check to see if it’s still in the ground after all of that wind today. 😆

    vicki tvicki t

    have planted a goji berry this month and it has survived the frosts,also the potatoes. and peach and plum trees.:clap:


    Had a big planting morning. Planted two more mandarins (honey murcot and hickson), moved the third mandarin that wasn’t happy where it was. Planted a second macadamia, a lychee and a plum tree. I still have some more bushes and vines to go in down near the house, but we’re worn out today!


    2 plum trees and another passionfruit vine.



    I got 3 chestnuts in so far 🙂

    Burra MalucaBurra Maluca

    At last I can join in! We planted some acacia/mimosa trees today – the ones with the pink bushy flowers. The yellow sort grow wild here and are considered weeds, but we like them as they help bind the soil and are nitrogen fixers, so we bought some seeds of the other sort so the locals won’t recognise them and complain. They are now (hopefully) big enough to plant out. Hopefully they will help the soil improve and provide a bit of shade.

    We are still waiting for bare-rooted fruit trees to hit the shops – they are sooo much cheaper than the ones in pots!


    Yesterday I planted an eggplant tree (grafted eggplant) should fruit for 2 – 3 years 🙂

    They are half price at my local nursery today so if I have a spare $20 after the groceries this week I am going to grab a second one 🙂


    It looks like our frosts are over now so planted 2 kangaroo paw and 2 gerveilia 2 more apple trees and 2 coffee trees also just bought a chest nut tree as this will grow quite large I decided it will not go in the orchard but out in the paddocks to provide good shade for animals so it will need sturdy fencing around it before I plant as shearing is on Friday it will have to wait till after then.


    Well I finally put some sweet potato in the ground. I know nothing about them, except that I like to eat them 😆 , so I am ‘flying blind’. ‘Twill be interesting to watch their progress, if any. 😉 :shy:

    Now I have planted them I will probably go and check them out on scarecrows garden link thingies. 😆 😆

    There’s nothing quite like doing things back to front. 😆 😆


    I’m in, my first challenge. I have blueberries and banana passionfruit to go in. Oh and Arrowroot. I also want some sweet potatos, if anyone has some vine and would like to send me I would love some. Or I’ll hunt around locally. Does anyone have thoughts on planting my Blueberries?


    You don’t need vines for sweet potatoes, just grab some organic ones and put them in a shallow dish of water for a while. They will sprout, then you just put the whole lot in the ground.

    Great planting everyone. We got 11 fruit trees in (on the footpath), some yacon, some more pigeon pea and arrowroot as well as our long awaited asparagus bed. This needed a long run up time to prepare the soil properly. Amaxing what sucessive green manure crops can do for the soil!

    I hope everyone had a great time with spring planting this month – by the look of the moon we are almost ready to plant again. I will be putting in corn, some more eggplant and tomato as well as more lettuce and some snake beans. It is really getting warmer now, so the heat loving veges are the go.

    How did we all fare this month?


    My first challenge too…..I’ve put in a choko that I have hiding at the back of my vegie cupboard waiting for it to warm hope……I hope she grows

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 111 total)
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