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    Well, we have come to a bit of a decision over the last couple of weeks and decided to sell on our beautiful property in the Huon. We really love it but we are a bit of the pioneering type and it is simply too tame for us. It would be a wonderful property for someone who wants to be closer to towns and facilities, wants to be self sufficient, that is truly self sufficient as it also comes with a potential income from the apple orchard section and other potential incomes like market gardens, nursery etc.

    To give you a bit of a lowdown, it is almost 8 acres of very rich and quality soil, partly planted in an apple orchard, small enough to do for an active couple and still large enough to be an income while allowing time to pursue other aspects of self sufficiency. It has good road frontage and a pull in that allows on the road selling of produce. We could not keep up with it last year, so there is enormous potential here.

    It has all new fencing and is fenced externally with some internal fences as well. The large vegetable and herb areas is completely fenced in chicken fencing, prepared for the spring season, mulched, fertilised etc and it has two hothouses, one for growing and one for propagation etc. It has garlic planted and has a permanent bed of globe artichoke and asparagus as well as a 7 rotational garden setup. It is well planned with lots of gates.

    It has three sheds, all freshly painted. The largest one was once used as a dance hall in times past, so it has plenty of room for all sorts of potential activities. It also has a small clean room, for working with electronics in this large shed as well as some shelving. The second shed is set up as a weekender and includes a wood heater, gas stove in one section and a bedroom complete with double bed. It is a bit rough, but wouldn’t take much to fix up. The third shed is smaller and used to house the tractor plus other bits and pieces of farm equipment.

    It is connected to town water and electricity including 3 phase and has an operational loading ramp.

    Most of the overhead irrigation is in place throughout the whole property (although we have not needed to use it with such great rainfall down here) and it has a water licence to the nearby Kermandie River. The vege garden has numerous taps set up as well.

    There is a log cabin style small pig pen, duck pens, extensive compost areas or alternatively extra animal pens.

    In the back section we graze a dairy cow (and now calf) and 5 Wiltshire horn sheep. We have kept the younger apple trees here but as they are very open, the pasture is quite incredible (aided by the roots of the apples no doubt) and we trim the trees down to animal fodder height for extra fodder. I had planned to add other fodder trees and herbs to this section to enable further two tier grazing. The grass is green all year round. We also run geese and ducks through the operating orchard section for insect control and of course extra grazing as well as grass management. The pastures here are incredible between the rows as well, allowing for heavy stocking rates.

    We have planning approval for a house which was designed for multi-function i.e., the potential to do farm stays or teaching courses while still having privacy for us and it potentially could be built in sections (which was the idea).

    All in all it is a really beautiful and well functioning property but for us, just too tame. We are yearning to return to the wilderness and I have a couple of books on the go, but it would be fantastic for someone wanting a top quality property in the Huon, already established for self sufficiency.

    If anyone wants to have a look it is listed with Tasmanian Private Reality for $199,000. Very good value for what you get, and I think actually worth quite a bit more but we are wanting a quick sale. and you will see it listed under “Sustainable Lifestyle Geeveston”

    and you can also check it out on our own website (lots of photos different to the taspr ones)

    I would appreciate it if anyone has the time to pass it on to relevant groups or other potentially interested parties as it is a lovely and unique property and we would love it to go to someone who is on the self sufficiency path and would love it.

    Thanks for reading the long post 😀




    Wow Mauzi. It sounds awesome. I wish we were in the market for a property in Tassie.

    Sounds like someone will be very happy there. Best of luck for a quick sale. :tup:


    Thanks lilacbutterfly, It will make a great property for someone, these sorts of properties don’t come up often so hopefully someone will snap it up pretty quickly.



    sue e

    oh Mauzi we saw this property on Real Estate .com a copule of weeks ago – and WANTED IT! Just wish we had some cash -all our money is tied up until we can sell our investment property! good luck though-I’m sure it wil be snapped up!


    Thanks sue, it is a shame you are not quite ready yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed it moves quickly.




    We sold our property yesterday, that was really quick as it has only been on the market for two weeks. More importantly it is going to someone who will love it and develop it further as an organic mixed farm. We are in shock at the moment but very happy with the result.

    It is off to a new adventure shortly, but firstly we will be pretty busy packing up the farm.

    Thanks for everyone’s support.


    Wow, that was quick 🙂 Congratulations Mauzi! Hope your new adventure leads you to brighter happier pastures, and you have all that you wish for! :tup:

    sue e

    I knew it would be snapped up! good luck with relocating and keep us posted. sue


    So glad it’s going to the “right” people.Are you going to encourage them to sign up to ALS so we can keep up with the story ???!!! All the best for your own future.Still in Tassie, or undecided yet?


    Just caught up with the news! You don’t muck around do ya? xo Where is your next adventure? Waiting with bated breath to follow your journey!


    Thanks all for your kind words.

    Blue Wren I will definitely encourage her to join ALS. I think she will do quite well with the property. We are writing her an organic management plan as well, at her request so it will be nice to help the first new steps of her adventure as well.

    E, we will be staying in Tasmania and have already selected our next property. Such nice people that we are buying from. We will be doing a lot more with piggies on the next property,which I am really excited about and I will be writing up our news as we go. We have the most beautiful Berkshire sow, now in pig and due in mid October and will be increasing our herd as well. She is like a dog really, loves to have her stomach rubbed and is always happy to see us.

    Our new place is 50 acres so more usable land than we had and surrounded by state forest so very private which we also like. It is situated in the central highlands (not in the snow area) so not as good soil as the Huon but nevertheless still not bad and very workable. 4 bedroom house and lots of outbuildings so that is good as well. I have to say that the Huon is very beautiful but a bit too much rain for me and now becoming a bit too touristy as well. Still, there is a place for everyone and this will be our last move – getting too old to start again and time to put the roots down and with our experience of setting up a couple of self sufficient places, this one should be very interesting and very efficient having learned from our last places.

    I had a lot of herbs ready to go in as nursery stock and we will also have about 50 apple trees and various other food trees and loads of seeds to get the veges going so we will have a pretty good start. We are not taking the sheep or geese as the people wanted to include them in the deal and they are happy at the orchard and doing a good job keeping the grass down and fertilising as they go. The dairy cow and calf, meat rabbits, pigs and ducks will be coming with us so we will still be very much a mixed farm.

    Anyway, thanks all for the encouragement and I look forward to sharing the new adventure and journey.


    Your new place sounds great Mauzi.. backing onto state forest will be lovely.

    Congrats on selling so quickly, it is obviously the right thing for you and your family to be doing 🙂



    Wow Mauzi you surely do move quickly when you make decisions, well done on the quick sale, obvious right buyer at the right time for both of you.

    Also congrats on the new property, something you can grow and imprint yourselves upon.

    And it’s lovely of you to give that helping hand to the newbies on your former property, well done. :clap: :clap: It’s exactly what we all talk about, the helping hand to show someone else the way, when it is asked of us of course.

    I am looking forward to pics and progressive story of the new ‘Mauzi’s Place’. I hope the move goes well and also the settling in.

    Take care,

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Congratulations Mauzi. :clap: :tup: on both the sale and on finding a new property so quickly. :hug:


    Thanks all.

    Yes Bobbee, it is nice to be able to lend a hand when you can. Leading by example is the only way I think.

    As you can imagine I may not be around much for the next couple of weeks but I will be back with a whole new property tale 😀

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