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    Watch Today Tonight at 6.30pm It has about the Middle East sheiks buying up farms in Australia.

    When this going to stop It said its a prevoius polly doing the deed. Its time both sides stop it not passing the buck to each other. 👿


    they probably are lined up behind the chinese and the japs, then the yanks somewhere in there the Brits.

    probably too late to shut the gate the horse is bolted long out of site.

    divided we fall – united we stand; currently who we vote in walks all over us, our only value at voting time and paying taxes and rates.



    They said the same thing about Japan in the 1980’s and my people have yet to conquer Australia. After that it was China. Last I checked, we are not yet Chinese. Now those evil Arabs are out to steal Australia?

    This a…

    a) Faulty pattern-recognition.

    b) Xenophobic.

    c) Offensive.

    ALS has a lot of ancillary tenets which are loosely associated with the concept of living simply in Australia. Belief in these side-issues are not necessary for ALS membership so I probably go too far in suggesting that tolerance, “innocent until proven guilty” and lack of bigotry and racism should be a part of ALS.

    Personally, I don’t care. I shall say it anyway: This is unfounded racist paranoia. It is unworthy of humanity and doubly so for ALSers. We are supposed to be better than this.

    What ever happened to “benefit of the doubt” or The Golden Rule? Do you really fear that our food will go overseas while Australians starve and the government does nothing? Or do you simply fear the foreign and alien? Or do you simply fear?

    Why is it wrong for them to buy land?

    EDIT: In my explosion I forgot to mention that what really annoys me about this whole thread is the unspoken assumption that foreign investment in Australian agriculture is a bad thing. We are all expected to nod our heads and say, “Yes, how terrible.” Not a moment of thought goes into why it might be terrible. It is just assumed that we all agree that “those foreigners” ought not be buying our land. There is nothing about why it is bad. Just how to stop it.

    I feel like I am being conscripted into racism simply by being a part of ALS.


    I don’t think I just speak for myself when I say I believe we ALSers do think about it, not just go with the gullible crowd. I think most ALSers would always want to share the bounty and good fortune that we have in Australia, for the benefit of anyone who needs it ,in Australia or overseas , but we would just like to retain control over how it’s done and to whom it goes. 🙂

    Silent, are you able to point me to the safeguards that are in place for the future ,re use of the Oz land requisitions by other countries? Or shouldn’t there be any? I would genuinely like to know.We do need both sides of the story , so we can think rationally and humanely about this topic.

    But I’m not sure that the past is always a good pointer to what may happen in the future, for better or for worse.


    history repeats BW what goes round – comes round,

    maybe people touchy about terms of endearment “sticks and stones may break my bones – but name will never hurt in most cases”

    so it is ok for that country to the north with the huge earthquake to buy grazing land in qld and turn it into a coal mine while our gov’ makes us look silly by wanting to go the non carbon way??

    me quiet perturbed about jobs going off shore, and corporate take overs of our assets.

    always imagine if others want to come to australia it is to become like australians, can’t fence straddle.



    Just out of curiosity, can someone tell me what the big deal is with selling land to foreigners?

    (and please, I mean with legitimate facts, not firing from the hip xenophobic rhetoric).

    It isn’t as if they can take it away (unless its mining resources – which is a whole new ballgame).

    I know they talk about food security, but when the crunch comes, the Government can simply quash any exports and keep the produce here for our own use.

    Also, I’m assuming they aren’t breaking any laws by it?…

    If they’re prepared to use it for produce when we aren’t, good on them. Otherwise it is just wasted land.

    (personally, I’d just let it revegetate and make a Land for Wildlife refuge)



    history repeats BW what goes round – comes round. quote}

    In general terms yes…….in the detail, I don’t think so.Time will tell, and I’d just like to have a say in the detail, after I understand what’s currently going around, so I or my descendants will be prepared for what will come around.

    A lot of the land requisition I believe is for the resources underneath, especially coal.Not saying we should necessarily use it for mining though.

    I understand that there are government controls over land purchases from overseas above $240 million, but none -or far fewer – on cumulative smaller puchases by the same buyer that do not quite add up to the top figure of $240 million.

    Re food security.There have already been food riots overseas.It’s not hard to forsee more as climate change and corrupt governments take their toll.Or even when good governments are up against it and people are hungry.That’s why I want to know if our government really could or should simply stop exports if it ever came to the crunch.What conditions/agreements etc are written into these overseas purchases of land? Difficult to see they would be made in the first place if our government could simply say “Sorry mate, you can’t do that now.” But I imagine that’s hard to find out.

    I don’t think this thread needs to become combative.These are important issues.


    I didn’t mean to start WW3 but I am against people with lots of money buying out our land and companies.

    I have lost a good job because the boss went OS and you lot are still paying top dollar for what used to be made here. and is now made for next to nothing in another country. I have a friend whos daughter thinks because she buys in a surf shop she is buying good a thing but again its OS at top dollar. Last week she paid $80 for a pair of shorts and they look no different to the ones she could of bought in Big W for half price.

    Rivers used to employ a lot of people in Ballarat but they went OS.

    can you buy Tuna ??? Dick Smith is trying to make it work for our farmers by buying and selling their products but when you look at $2 for a can of beetroot and Woolies sell theirs for $1 its hard when you are on a pension. I try to make all my own and preserve what I can when I can.

    The other day it was said we have only one Sugar mill here in our country.

    The thing is what will happen to our workers will be become like the slaves in Asia working chained to your desks for big profit for faceless bosses. I knew my boss well or I thought I did before he saw the $$$$ sign.

    Look at what has been bought, it is all prime land some with coal or oil underneath. some with lots of water underneath. What will we live on if it has gone all OS and who will pay the pensions of the ones who worked in the 50-60-70 before super came around.

    I do have shares in mining but as I didn’t have super or the bit I did have was used to give Hubby and I a bit of extra later on. My dad was going to buy me shares in a little unknown comapny in the 70s but I thought it would cause problems with my sisters the compny took 30 years to make huge amounts of money it was Rio Tinto so what I have might not be good for us but for my grandchildren. My son does work in the mines up north but for what he earns is great money but he is away from his wife and son for 2 weeks at a time and home for 1. He works in dreadful heat. works 12 hours shifts for 7 days night and 7 days days.


    These type of threads always have the tendency to become combative wether we like it or not.

    These topics hit close to home with some, & they will want to express themselves & they do have the right to speak out. Our personality defines mostly how this comes into play.

    Just be respectful of other members opinions & all should be fine 🙂


    g’day BW,

    i firmly believe and see that what happened in the past has a very good chance of happening again, you may only be scratching surface, but our secular lifestyle keeps us divided.

    but anyway enough from me



    The govt appears to have the powers to stop and start imports and exports, and I believe so they should. Therefore if foods or minerals or whatever were needed in

    Australia they could be forced to stay in Australia.

    Why are Australians selling off great chunks of Australia anyway. If overseas folk can farm and or make a profit from the land, and why would they buy it if they can’t make a profit, then why can’t the Aussie owners make the same profit?

    Just for the record I have no problem with other countries buying land in Aust. And I have no problem with sharing Australia with folk from overseas. I find nothing so wonderful in ‘an Australian’ as opposed to a person with mixed lineage. All Aussies are a made up race anyway. We come from all sorts of backgrounds and countries.

    The more the better. In my opinion we, as a race, grow from the blending of other types and cultures. Very enriching I feel.

    It is good to share, all parents say so , and we in Australia have a great deal to share, I believe.

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Nice one Bobblett.. you sure have a way with words 🙂


    The alternative here is to accept government intervention in what we do with our own possessions.

    These things are not “our” land. The land belongs to someone and that someone has the right to sell it to whomever they like. You have no say in this matter because it is not your land. It is not mine. It is theirs. So we have no say in the matter anymore than we have no say in what colour someone paints their car.

    And be very careful before suggesting some sort of law dictating what we can and cannot do with our private possessions. I think we have a good balance in this country between freedom and control. Allowing the government more control would upset a good thing. Judging by some of the posts, I would go so far as to say that many on ALS would prefer even less government control than we already have,

    But this is all secondary to the basic point: Why is it bad if foreigners buy our land? Why should we even consider stopping it?


    This land really belongs to our indigenous brothers and sisters. They did not give it up it was stolen. Having said that I realize that things have changed, but look at other places, Africa, many states there can no longer feed themselves as others moved in and grew cash crops for export while the locals starved. I believe that land should never be owned by individuals or corporations but should be held in trust for all. Africa could feed itself but cash crops for export have ruled usually by outsiders Poor governance has compounded the problem, but when all is said and done if countries do not maintain thir sovereignty over their own assets they become slaves to the occupiers. All countries should hold onto their land, and control the basics such as power, communications, water supplies and key assets. I do not think it is just for us but also every other nation. I do not mind who comes here to live, my own family is a mix of many nationalities, races and cultures, I don’t care where you come from as long as it is reconised that you came her for the freedoms this country offers, so don’t tell me I have to change to suit you. If everything was so good in your own country why did you come here? My mate, who is aboriginal says, anyone is welcome to share my island but if you want to then don’t then tell me I have to change you need to fit in What is wrong with that? Of everyone in this country, she and her relatives should be the ones who should be angry but she is not all they ask is that if you come here for a better life then do not try to impose your old, miserable lifestyle here. I do not have a problem with any nationality wanting to purchase land here. I have a problem with ANY nation selling it’s assets.

    She is happy to welcome anyone here but feels they need to fit in with us.

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