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    Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering how many people sell their homegrown produce direct to passers by or even to local cafés or restaurants?

    I’m guessing it varies from state to state in relation to legalities but it would be great to hear how many people actually sell direct from there hobby farm and what is required to sell from home.

    Photos would be great ☺




    I sell from home (council permit) and at local markets. There are few regulations but if you don’t have the right food handlers permit you can’t sell cut veg, or veg that is handled more than just rinsed. Eggs can be a problem in some states.

    Selling to restaurants has been too much of a hassle for me as they want a certain amount on certain days and it is a bugger to make sure you have what they want when they want it. They won’t accept that your cabbages have just been attacked by rabbits or the carrots are the wrong size because they wanted them too early.

    If you make anything from your produce you have to have a council approved commercial kitchen which can be hard to have approved.

    Lady Bee

    Then there’s the irrigation problem.

    When buying here I enquired as to what I can and can’t do with the “stock and domestic” water allocation the place has. I can water fruit and veg for my own consumption but the minute I want to sell any ‘excess’ I need an irrigation licence. One of those is ultra expensive and as rare as rocking horse poop in this valley. So I give any excess away to family and friends or feed it to the chooks, cattle etc.


    There is a site called ripe near me which doesnt address the “legality issues” but does allow people to list things they have growing, and mark it as “ripe” when its ready, and allows others to find produce near them


    I remember as a kid my dad putting and old school table out the front our house and selling a few pumpkins or some excess fruit here and there it was always good quality and cheap…. Are you telling me those days are over and now you have to pay for a permit to do it??? Please….


    Go to the facebook site “FARM Direct Markets S.A. supporting Aussie Farms and Producers” and hear about some of the problems they’ve been having with the Salisbury Council deciding to come through the market & “inspect” people’s stalls & charge them for it. They’ve given no notice, but come through & done these inspections & then charged the stall holders. Then they’ve told the person running the market that they were fines, & have threatened to shut the market down (again).

    It seems some councils are better than others about how & whether you can sell produce. And it seems that it’s not just things you’ve cooked in your kitchen (& need permits to do), but raw produce too.

    Apparently in the US there are some areas where they have deemed it illegal to even give excess produce to your family & friends, & some are trying to look @ whether they can stop home gardening completely. Watch for some council to try that here. I wonder then whether enough Aussies will find this threatening enough to stand up to the government, or whether it will be left to the same few “rabble rousers”.

    Councils were initially set up to assist local people. Some seem to feel that it’s their job to stand in the way of their local people & charge them to the hilt.


    I can understand councils worrying about allowing food poisoning potential because they would be liable if they turned a blind eye.

    But this is madness are they trying to prop up the supermarkets or rednecks trying to punish the poor/hippies/greenies ?

    When you have the federal government remove the funding for grants for community gardens and farmers markets you start to realise that business as usual wants to make sure it remains BAU.


    We sell excess produce (including eggs) at a local Farmers market in our village. My partner also makes fresh Feta and sells it, as well as bottling some in oil with herbs from the garden and selling that. All the money she makes from that goes to charity.

    We have small farm dam that’s used for watering of produce (electric pump from solar to header tank), we’re off the grid for water/toilet/electricity etc.

    Before I left Townsville, there was some stink being kicked up about not being able to give excess eggs away to your neighbours/friends etc. so it’s not just the USA. NOt sure what came of that.

    I suspect most (or some) of what we’re doing is illegal but if we’re ever “done”, well feign ignorance and hope for the best. The system we have is madness. There should be a no harm no foul law similar to NZ but we are run by lawyers who live and love this stuff. Use your vote wisely 🙂


    Glad I found this thread, have been seriously considering his recently. I thought herbs would be the best due to growing so wildly. Also maybe seasonal on other produce. Have registered now on ripenearme but there isn’t much locally.


    It would be great if ripenearme had more users ! There’s nothing for about 200ks in my area


    We intend on using ripenearme after we move and have our cargen set up again. I really hope the project gets off the ground, but it’s tough if you have nothing to sell and there isn’t anything in your area (we are rural/desert, so no surprises here)

    I contacted the NSW department of agriculture regarding selling veg. Got a lovely response:

    Thank you for your enquiry – as per the conversation
    link we have been advised by our Poultry Officer that the Food
    Authority would be the correct people to answer your enquiries.   

    1300 552 406 (local call Australia-wide)

    regards backyard selling of excess fruit and veges – I believe it would
    be a local council issue (although my advice here says that rather than
    pursuing it just do it – let commonsense prevail).    We do have a
    person here at Orange who does the same and puts a sign up on the front
    fence when he has excess (which I always look forward to!)


    Excellent response and I hope that would be the same for all councils !


    Ashilleong, that is indeed a commonsense response.   I don’t think I am brave enough to ask our local council though.



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    Hi Jye I have mentioned the spam on the ‘have a say thread’ but I hadn’t seen this one.

    Come on guys the site needs a bit of house cleaning.  too much has changed, and not always for the best, in my humble opinion.

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