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Self sufficiency in suburbia == dirt, despair and cleaning?

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    Vickie post=345546 wrote: I always felt ripped off when my girls were babies, that while i made all their food, did their cloth nappies etc etc it left me with envy of the spare time and clean houses of the other parents i knew. The ones that opened a jar to feed, and opened a packet to change a nappy.

    Bless you vickie, for going to the trouble and for giving your kids such a great start in life! :hug: :hug: :hug:



    Here here! :tup: :clap:


    The reality is life is messy. I have problems sometimes as my partner likes everything to be clean and tidy at all times, but we muddle along.


    Everything gets vaccumed and dusted Saturday morning, its an ugly job that sometimes gets avoided based on the democratic process.


    What an interesting thread. I think perhaps a DIY/self reliance/sufficiency life style needs to have extra storage space. Keeping glass jars or egg cartons takes up room obviously. We were a family of 7, but now shrinking, and we never found much of a burden in terms of feeding, they ate what we ate just puréed. Nappies where however an issue, we needed space to sit the buckets and then of course an extra load of washing, but gee they look great flapping around on the clothes line (now a distant memory). Winter is more challenging with drying clothes, keeping mud outside and piles of wood under cover… Ooooo bringing ants inside a log next to the fire, nasty. I do think a somewhat minimalist approach is needed, a place for everything is really the key, additionally a quick and easy routine each day. Hard floors are a goer, when a child runs in with muddy boots or a chicken visits through an open door 😉


    Great advice above but one tip I find invaluable. Keep a bucket in the shed for a temporary toilet so you don’t have to either track mud inside so often or change shoes every time you need to tinkle – so tedious. Bonus fact. Urine diluted with water is great nitrogen and minerals for the garden. It doesn’t have germs unless you leave it lying around too long in which case it then becomes weed killer.
    The other thing I do is keep a gas camping stove and cuppa makings outside on the back verandah. Also negates the need to go inside so much where all that horrible housework awaits. Good luck.


    I like your ideas TropicalRose and may have to do something along the same lines 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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