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    Any one interested in swapping seed by mail? I will have lots of great Veggie seeds to swap soon and am interested to swap or give away seed to any one who wants seed. Anyone interested? Cheers GR.


    I would be interested in hearing what you will have available. I am still pretty new to starting to collect/save. I have some things but you will no doubt get things I don’t have. And I may have some things that will interest you too 🙂

    I think I will start to compile a list.


    Debby-Lee glad you might be interested. I have lots of different types of Tomatoes, a variety of Pumpkins, Tromboncini Zucchini, Sweet Corn, Lettuce (Great Lakes variety which is a cracker), Watermelon & Rockmelon, Beetroot, Snow Peas, Beansetc…. Tell me what you may like and I will probably have it. I dont know what the water is like in Ipswich but most veggies need a good supply, I use a dripline and a few drippers for all of my veggies and it works well. I hope your surviving the heat. Cheers GR.


    Hi George,

    I am moving into a new house and so will have to start a vegie garden from scratch again. There are 10 irrigated beds with weeds in them right now, so I have a lot of space.

    I am interested in anything that you would like to send. I can send Calendula, Bok Choy & Mustard Cress seeds that I have saved from very good plants that are good for greens through winter and are frost tolerant.

    Cheers, Julie


    Off the top of my head I have:

    Golden Bantam Corn

    Blue Lake Climbing beans

    Melting Mammoth Snow Peas

    Madagascar Climbing Beans (lima)

    Florida Market Eggplant (got them in spring and are “out of date” already,

    Black Beauty Eggplant.

    Golden Nugget Pumpkin.

    Minesota Midget Rockmellon,

    Radish Easter Egg,

    Varigated Marigold

    Italian Parsley

    All open pollinated and suitable to save

    Are yours? I am aiming for things I can save from.

    The Trombonchini Zucchini sounds good, and Sweet corn would be nice to try.

    I am looking for carrots and broadbeans if you happen to have either of those.

    Otherwise I would try the lettuce, and beetroot 🙂

    Can I tempt you with anything? I know most of mine are spring/summer. I haven’t ventured out of that just yet.

    I am also about to save seed from some Chinese snake beans. They are going great guns.


    Debby-Lee the bokchoy, calendula and mustard cress I have, I saved myself from plants that I grew from Heirloom seeds all really east to grow and taste yummy. They are open pollinated and grow from now until September when they go to seed.

    If you would like some I am interested in your marigolds, radish and eggplants.

    Also, how did you get the rockmelon to grow? I have vine melons but my Minisota Midget wont germinate…ant hints?

    Cheers, Julie



    I have only just now got some rockmellon seedlings growing, I had had a couple of previous attempts, but they sat in their pots too long (been busy, or sick, or hot)

    They have been germinating ok, I have just had trouble getting around to planting them out. The ones sprouting now were sewn direct, so maybe I’ll have a chance to get some of them going before it gets too cold.

    I would be happy to try the seeds you are offering and to send you marigolds, radish and eggplant. Did you want to try my rockmellon too, if you think there is a prob with yours?

    PM me your addy and I should be able to post them out on the weekend.


    Debbi-Lee and Rockkandy, I will have almost everything soon as I have to much purchased seed which I wont be able to use before they expire so just name something you like and I will see what I have got. What I am realy amazed at are the Scarlet Runner beans which have climbed so high and bean really prolific. My Watermelons and Rockmelons have gone ballistic but are not ready to pick yet but I will let you know. The problem I find with packet seed is there is always to many so combined with fruit I grow and seed I save I end up with excess seed which I hate wasting. Rockkandy, with all my seeds I water them in at sowing time with epsom salts ‘tea’ . Dissolve a teaspoon of epsom salts in a little warm water then dilute with 2 litres of water. The magnesium breaks down the germination inhibiting layer around seeds which is often still intact in packaged seeds. Also what type of water do you use to grow seedlings? If its chlorinated that can be a problem. All my seeds get filtered water until there at true leaf stage then there on there own with tap and tank water. My germination rate is 96% this summer, thats before the slaters got into the planted seedlings, buggers! Hope all is well, cheers GR.


    i live in Vic at an elevation 460m, i have been a seed saver for many years and a ssn member

    for those in ssn i am s1830

    seed supplies too numerous to list here

    but for provinance, stating a preference of a particular vegetable will help with a result

    sharing is community



    Hi All

    I have some Heirloom Tomatos which I originally got from diggers and saved seeds from the ones that did well in my backyard. so more than happy to post to any one who wants them .

    I have the following :

    1. wapsipinicon Peach tomato – fruity tasting , furry skin like a peach

    2. Jaune Flammee Tomato – orange skin and nice taste also .

    3.Brown berry – a reddish brown cherry tomato.

    4.Purple russian tomato – egg shaped , deep purple red colour .

    Just pm me with your details


    Hi Smiffy, that sounds great. Im chockers with Tomatoes but dont want to waste any seeds so let me know if you want anything. Where is Mt Annan? Cheers GR.


    Hi George

    Mt Annan is near Camden in NSW , I am next door to the MT Annan Botanical gardens . I would be interested in some Pumpkins ..What sort do you have ?


    Hi Smiffy, what a wonderful place to live. I have heirloom Pumpkins which have fruited nicely and I have some excess heirloom seed. I will have to identify the type soon. Let you know. Just a warning they need lots of space and the Tomato which the pumpkin vines have encroached has grown really badly cos of the natural herbicide released by pumpkins as they grow, clever isnt. So grow them seperate from the rest of the veggies. Catch ya. GR.


    hiya i am definately interested in seed saving and swapping, i am in teh midst of buying a house and moving so will be busy for 4 weeks but then should be able to access my saved seeds, and let u all know what i have available.

    i know there is some poor mans orchid seeds, and some orange, dk orange and orange with a varigated leaf, nasturtium seeds. May have some pandora jasmonides if the terrorist house mouse hasnt eaten them all :uhoh: will be full on with the garden after move so lots more to come 🙂 the place we r moving to has fruit trees galore ( fig, mulberry, citrus, stone fruit,bananas,pomegranates as well as grapes and strawberries etc so i am going to be in garden heaven, especially after i put in all my plants too 😀

    cheers Kate


    I have some seeds to swap.

    At present I have

    curly leaf parsley seeds


    okra (heirloom)

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