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Seed Saving Info.

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    Hi Alsers, just sharing a site about seed saving I came across. Nice and simple explanations.

    Sharsmaree :wave:


    Great link Sharsmaree, thanks for the post.

    What surprises me most about seed saving is how easy it is but how amazed I am about the staggering complexity, beauty and absolute brilliance of Mother nature. I sowed a whole lot of carrot seeds last season and purposely left a few to go to seed after harvesting the rest. I enjoyed eating “my” tapered creations but what followed gave me so much more food for thought as to why I grow my own. Following are a few pics;

    The white flowers are the seeding carrots.

    A developing flower

    A view from above. The perfume is magnificent!

    Attracting for bees and providing much needed food.

    A safe haven for beneficial insects. The Ladybird population has exploded this season.

    Each tiny white Floret develops into a seed ready for growing the next generation of organic carrots.

    A trimmed and drying flower head showing both the safe habitat for insects and some of the thousands of seeds that are ready for collecting.

    Whilst the whole natural cycle of seed to seed is excruciatingly complex and brilliant, saving your best seed for next season is as easy as sitting back and watching nature do its thing. Seeds dont need to come in little overpriced envelopes as each plant you grow in your garden is ready to shed thousands of seeds to perpetuate the species.


    love this info as im just preparing to collect my seeds! thankyou!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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