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Seed raising mix

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    Hi everyone
    I’m on the hunt to make a more self sufficient seed raising mix. I have been using compost from our chicken cage and choir mix for years. However I always have in my mind that I’m still having to purchase the choir each year.
    Does anyone have a recipe that doesn’t require me go purchase anything ( ie from things I would likely have on a 15 acre property). What would people have used before there were nurseries/ shops that provided all these things?

    Thanks Delldgm


    I think they used a “seed bed” covered with an old window in the days before convenience shopping.


    Also shaking soil through a garden sifter, I have an old big round one, then adding manure and sand, also through a sifter. Cooking it in the oven also sterilizes it so no foreign seeds grow. Gives seeds a good start. There are a few ratios of sand to soil mix for different plants so have a web hunt.

    Found this to start.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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