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    That’s be great if you could send it through. Can you send via site or do you need my email address?


    Kristy 🙂


    I also have used as well and have picked up:

    SC143 Cherry Guava

    ST132 Tamarind

    SP177 Passionfruit Panama Gold

    SP125 Pomegranate

    SJ100 Japanese Raisin Tree

    SC162 Carob 25g Bulk

    ST101 Tagasaste Bulk 25g

    I planted some Tagasaste last week, but I forgot to nick the seed coats so I really can not report properly or germination yet but will in future posts.

    Edit: But their order fulfilment was prompt and a breeze.




    Very happy with the Lost Seed – have now planted coriander, brocolli, cauliflower, cucumber, mesclun mix, buttercrunch lettuce, seed potatoes, garlic, beetroot……and have started to seed save. Very generous amount of seeds, good information on the packet and postage is very reasonable. Great to share an order with friends as you can swap and share the resulting seedlings/produce.


    Four Seasons Herbs also does a great mailout of seedlings- I have got a range of plants from them (elderflower, Pepper berry, Guavas- that have all done really well


    Yeahhhhh How do they do that? mail out seedlings I mean …. they pack them? what about the soil? I am really naive it seems because I have not ordered any seedlings on line being concerned they would arrive in a terrible mess. :shrug:



    I often order from the Seedy Lady Ebay shop, she’s lovely and once she had problems with germination of some tomatoes by other customers (though mine were fine) and I found a new pack in my mail, unrequested, with a little note explaining!

    I love that she does small packs so you can spend $10 and get a MASS of different seeds to try.


    one of my first forays into seed buying was from seedy lady. LOVED it. i spent $20 the first time, got a little mini vege garden and herb garden samples etc and it was free shipping! since then she’s upped it to free shipping over $30, but it’s super easy to get there! fast delivery, packaged well, really happy with her.


    Mind you I’ve never paid more than $1 postage for my little envelope with several packs of seeds in it so can’t complain when I do pay postage!


    Sam asked earlier about a local WA seed producer / seller. I found another one today

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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