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    I use a mix of Diggers and Eden Seeds. I am very happy with Eden, and have had close to 100% germination rate for my directly sown winter veg this year! I sourced my rarer plants from Diggers and am mostly waiting for Spring to plant them out, so I can’t comment on their viability just yet.

    However, I live in Perth and the climate here is vastly different to that in Vic/Tas where Diggers are located or Southern QLD where Eden Seeds are located. I tend to expect that I will get different results from their seeds than they do. What seeds do well in their trials (and are therefore sold) may be different than what would do well in trials here. So yes, I would tend to think that a local seed company (assuming that they actually do trials to guarantee their seeds) would sell seeds that perform better in your area.

    If anyone knows a good seed company near Perth, please let me know as I’d be keen to support them.




    Lost Seed for me too, have always had good germination and quick friendly service. Also love all of the information on their packets.


    I also buy from The Lost Seed & have found their seeds to be excellent and as I am now in Tassie it is good to buy from a Tassie company….Rangeview seeds are also in Tassie and they also have a great range of unusual & hard to get seeds.


    I use Green Harvest – I’m in SE QLD and since they are too, I figure that what grows well for them will grow well for me.


    I have used four seasons seeds and found their germination rate good and plants vigourous. I also use Green Harvest, Eden, Lost Seed and Cornacopia and found them all to be good. I have been a member of diggers club for years but have found their seeds have poor germination – perhaps it is because I live in Qld and the seeds are better adapted for cool areas.


    Hi Patsy,

    I have previously used all those sellers also and I do agree with you Diggers has dropped off and while you live in Qld I live in Vic and have not had as much success with Diggers as I have had from the other companies.

    To be really honest, I have started selling Herbs and a few vegetable seedlings at a local market on a weekly basis so are looking at who to get seed from and who to avoid. What this exercise has shown me is pretty much what I suspected.

    Thank you so much one and all for responding I really do appreciate it

    :hug: Susan


    I sell seedlings at markets and use a lot of seed. The most reliable I have found are: Eden, Phoenix (cheap and reliable, but not online), The Lost seed, Green Harvest, Green Patch, New Gippsland. I will try anyone though for a rare variety or species, Cornucopia and Diggers have some goodies and I buy a bit off ebay.

    I will add that seed suppliers often source from subcontractors, so they can’t really guarantee product and I have had duds from everyone but some more than others.


    Thanks for that Veginout that is what I suspected happened.

    Can I ask how long have you been selling at Markets for ?


    As all seed varies slightly it can be tricky to fairly compare one companies seed from another but I have found that mainly buying from Diggers & The Lost Seed helps maintain a continuity so I can work out the best way to grow from there seed in my patch.

    If anybody is having germination problems I suggest you refer to Lyn Bagnalls book about improving germination rates, and why, using epsom salts. Germination is not entirely the seeds doing as it requires basic but important conditions to come to life.


    Hi Porgey :tup:,

    Yes I have read about using but have not used it. Thanks for the heads up on this I will do more research. It is great how the people aid to further your knowledge



    Sam I havent used these but have seen them available a few places in Perth (Environment Houses was one seller) Yilgarn Seeds They are a Geraldton business.



    Whilst I haven’t been growing for a long time, I’ve found the service from both Eden Seeds and Green harvest to be great.

    Germination has exceeded my expectations.

    Eden can be a bit slow to post (but once I’ve bought seeds, I’m like a kid at Xmas, wanted them here yesterday).

    Green Harvest seem to be super fast. I’ve only bought Green Harvest’s good bug mix to aid in pollination of my plants.

    I’ve bought everything else I’ve grown from Eden and have not been disappointed.

    I Live in Far Northern NSW near Lismore, so Eden is only an Hour or so North which makes the climate somewhat similar.

    Hope that helps 🙂



    Currently using Lost Seed because they are now available thru my local supermarket. They retail about 20cents a packet more than what I would pay direct, however by the time u add postage/wait

    time etc. the extra 20c is worth it.

    Another retail outlet retails Green Harvest but their mark up is a bit more severe, so I don’t indulge with them.

    Of course the best is the seed u save yourself.


    I have bought a lot of seeds on Ebay from various people and have always had good germination rates and good pricing


    Maybe a dot point list of web links to each seed supplier to help everyone?

    I use diggers and eden seeds.

    After I bought just about every seed from diggers I visited some people who told me they had low germination rates, etc. I felt bad.

    Then I started planting out the seeds (indoors) to give them a head start as I am in a cold zone.

    Looks like they have all germinated, so now I am just confused but have to give diggers props for the seeds I have.

    I did not mail order but picked them up in person at Dromana when visiting a relative there. So maybe that has something to do with it? Different stock, but the dates weren’t all new on the packets so still confused? Or maybe a few years back they had issues with their seed suppliers? who knows. So far happy with them.

    I have not planted out my Eden seeds yet as they are primarily fruit bearing plants and tagasaste as I could not find them at diggers (at the time). The latest diggers catalogue sent contains some of them so I guess diggers do carry them.

    I would probably use diggers for vines and plants as they have a location near Ballarat or halfway between Melbourne and Ballarat so the climate should be close.

    But then they don’t have the good ol’ thorned blackberry 🙂 and I hear from gardeners all the thornless ones are hybrids and pretty poor in berry taste compared to the thorned ones. I have a lot of 55 gallon drums set aside once I can find some.



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