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    Trying to post this pic…


    Heya Tulls

    Top work Aussie!!! You’re going to make such a difference to their lives. A tip from a teacher: make it relevant. Form guides, footy articles, whatever takes their fancy.

    Song lyrics.

    First things first though, have them check their eyesight. Can’t do no reading if ya can’t see the paper!!!


    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, FOOTY STUFF!! You bewdy Lizzy, right on the money pet! :clap:

    Thankyou Chris, appreciate any pointers your DD can pass along :hug:

    Thanks heaps Cett, looking forward to seeing what your wonderful friend can provide 😀

    *Still can’t get this pic up. How do I change a bitmap to a jpeg ??? :confused:

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Good onya Tulls :clap: they are lucky people to have you there !


    Thanks Jan but I feel pretty lucky living out here in their country and as I said, my new friends and neighbours teach me heaps every day. They have the most wicked sense of humour, they trust me with their children, they gave me a job in their store, they always ask me if I’m happy here and if I’m staying (You gonna sit down here?) and it’s a bloody good feeling I can tell you. 😀

    Ok, let’s give ole photobucket a bash….:tup:


    Hi Tullymoor

    Sounds like a great thing you are planning to do. I am a teacher and I work with mature and young adults everyday who have minimal levels of literacy. It is wonderful that you have connected with the people concerned and that they feel comfortable asking you for help. That is a major challenge in Aboriginal communities. Well done.

    I’m not sure which govt departments “service” the area out there, but I would suggest that you contact the nearest ICC, the community council, TAFE etc to find out what funds you can access for resources. I would be highly suprised if there was not some money available. I imagine that the TAFE in Alice (I presume there is a TAFE there) would have literacy and numeracy teachers experienced in teaching Aboriginal students who may be able to help you identify some resources that are written specifically for Aboriginal students and some main stream ones too. They may also be able to assist you with some basic Lit and Num tests you can use to get an idea of the students current level and then you can work out what to focus on.

    I imagine that English may even be a second language for many of your community residents so that provides its own challenges.

    I look forward to seeing updates on how you are going.




    Onya mate.. :tup::tup::clap::D


    Tully, how did you go with this?

    sounds like a fantastic plan.


    It was a fantastic plan 😆 but all the young fellers nicked off to Mt Isa after they heard about the work for the dole scheme 😆

    By the way, how it was explained to them, I would have done a runner too! More to the story, but won’t pour my heart out on the www 😉

    Suffice to say, I don’t work over there anymore. I get lots of visitors though and share lots of watermelons and spend happy hours with the very little kids….maybe they’ll get something from the experience too:D

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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