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    Hi guys,

    First time poster here. My wife and I spent a fortune on back-to-school supplies this year, for the future we’re looking at websites like this School Uniformone. Does anyone have any experience with buying school uniforms not from the school approved stores?


    Hi John,

    In my opinion, this is really a question for your school. Many public / state schools are happy to have kids turn up in the correct colours with no logos whereas with the private schools you have to have the right things from the right shops (generally speaking). Why not ring your kids school and find out what their policy is? It can certainly save you heaps of money doing it this way.

    Alternately, check out the op shops closest to your child’s school on a regular basis. The school I work at has a terrible problem with lost property, and we take a large garbage bag of un-named clothing and hats to the op shop once a term. Apparently the parents would rather fork out for new things every few weeks rather than name their kids stuff.

    Good luck!


    all the public schools i have dealt with over the yrs have a shop usually run by p&c where you can buy new and used uniforms at a reasonable price, my grandkids school has the little dresses in perfect condition for $2 this yr, and some things for as little as $1. It might be worth asking at your school. Also my sisters children went to private school in westmead nsw and they also had a school clothing pool where they sold 2nd hand uniforms at a good price. good luck it is sooooo expensive to get the kids back to school these days


    All great suggestions above. My girl is in public school. I was able to get all my daughters polo shirts and jumpers (8 items) in total from our neighbor for $25.

    Our school also have second hand clothes for sale at the start of each term i think. again with tops and dresses around 1-2 dollars.

    I got my daughters dresses from the op shop for $2 each i think. I am a compulsive op shopper, so if i see any uniform items in bigger sizes i grab them too. I think her lunch box was from the op shop too :laugh:

    It is sick the amount of stuff, not only uniforms,but just general crap that people seem to take for granted that they need, and it’s alomst a compulsion to have these things ‘brand new’.


    Hi John and welcome to ALS , where good caring folk seem able to answer every question that is asked , and often have fun doing it! :laugh:

    School uniforms are a distant memory for me but the occasional one still turns up when I am having a de-clutter session! :ohmy: All the best for your family’s doings.


    Hi John

    When my DD started high school (private school) I bought her entire uniform summer and winter from a family who were moving interstate. I paid $200.00 for the lot. by winter the skirt was going to be too small so I sold it to another family for $50.00. I was then able to find a skirt for her at a local op shop for 50 cents (yes that’s right 50 cents) New they were $107.95.

    She wore that skirt for 2 years then I bought her a new one on sale for $75.00. It will fit her until she finishes high school.

    Does the school have a uniform shop, most seem to and their items are cheaper. Otherwise trawl the op shops.

    Oh and welcome to the site.


    I have the same problem with my granddaughters school. The summer uniform is black gingham but so small it looks like a dot unable to buy any and the school charges $45 a dress, Winter dress is the same price and the Adelaide High school has the same pattern.

    One of the mothers said her mother used to make them and is going to see if she can find any material for us.

    The polo shirt is white or the school colour of Teal blue can’t buy it in the shops and they charge a fortune for it. Their winter fleecy is black so we bought some from BigW for under $10. Skorts I was able to get from Ebay plus I made her a couple, The have a lost property box but not a 2nd hand stall.

    I like to see all kids in uniform as it stops being better than you attutide that is around. Plus it is cheaper to put kids in uniform than in brand name clothes

    For sports day I have made her a green skirt with green pants underneath and she is wearing a white tee shirt and I will sew on green bows on the front.

    A school the boys went to in Primary they wore Maroon with grey pants the high school was in the same school and all that changed was the tee shirt it went to grey and if you had no younger kids in the school when they hit High school you were incouraged to donate the clothes to the 2nd hand stall for the parents club to sell so they could give the money back into the school :tup:


    Hi John, just wanted to say welcome to ALS and that I have exactly the same prob here. All I can say is what everyone else has said above. Our kids go to a private school but they also have a 2nd hand clothing shop. Op shops in your area or sometimes we have parents who sell items through the school newsletter. Sometimes we have had friends who’s children have grown out of clothes hand items down. Costs a small fortune to clothe them for school though :blink: . My biggest bane is the school shoes. Our eldest has foot problems and I have to buy $$ shoes. I don’t even want to think about how much I spent at the beginning of the year. Thankfully with 2 boys I can pass clothes down.


    and remember, if you receive a support payment (FTB) from the government, and you bought the items new, keep your receipts as you can claim some back 🙂


    i am also a dedicated op shopper, just thought i would put that in :woohoo:

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