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    Hi Robyne, your son and d-i-l are blessed to have you in their lives, caring for and looking out for them! I did some study last year, and as part of my course had to find info on mental health support. I discovered the Mental Illness Fellowship of SA group, and later on shared their contact details with a work friend who was concerned for her sibling who had a schizophrenia diagnoses. She got in touch with them over the phone, and was really impressed with the support and services they had on offer with no charge. They have a good website you can check out:

    I hope things improve for your d-i-l soon.


    Sorry to hear that Robyne my son was diagnosed 4 yrs he never had behaviour probs he was hearing voices he was put on tablets + needle + was like a zombie but the last 6 mnths since going off needle only on tablet hes doing well but the tablets have side affects like massive weight gain he now has control of hes finances again + moving back to NSW will miss him.

    With right treatment + a good doc + support system for your family things should improve.


    She is out of hospital and her father wants them to move closer to him in Shepparton.

    Son still needs to work for them to live.

    Centerlink have been wonderful to them. He went in and saw a counsillor there and she gave him and helped

    him fill in all the forms for him to go on a carers pension. They told him he can still earn whenhe can.

    He told them he is too scared to leave her on her own at this stage till the doctors can get her under

    control. So it might take a year maybe more or she might pull out of it ovre night.

    we are all praying everything will work out for her.

    Sad thing is she has convinced herself granddaughter hates her. She is so wrong she loves hre more then

    her own mother. When they are together Granddaughter doesn’t leave her side and hugs her as much as she

    can. She has turned away from her own son.

    Its really hard to watch her go through this. I know deep down she will pull through it. I feel it will happen

    but she needs to get away from people who cause the problems for her.


    Robyne thats her illness making act like like my son for a while was frightened of his own brothers thought the devil was in the toilet etc until the medication started to kick in,and people themselves cant cause others to get mental illness you need to talk to doc or support + they will explain she will come good but it takes a little time with right care


    she is funny some tiof heres that is a druggy mes she is calm and others she’s up in the air.

    I have wondered if that friend of hers that is a druggy has given her something that has triggered her off.

    She acts at times like she is going through her Menopause Her moods are so up and down.

    The doctor that was treating her said I didn’t know what I was talking about but I see she doesn’t she only has w

    what we tell her. Her own father said it could be a mixture of a lot of problems and its come to the surface lately

    We will see. they are coming down this afternoon and I will see how she is then :shrug:


    :blink: The Dr actually said that?! Regardless of whether what you are hypothesising is correct or not the Dr should be explaining why that scenario isn’t possible not commenting on whether or not you know what you’re talking about!! What a completely unprofessional thing for a Dr to say especially to a traumatised family looking for answers!


    I was put off by a physc doc once when I went with my son to his appointment this bright spark ask my son if he seeing any bombs lately[this was one of experiences my son was having in hospital]I thought this not on I complained that is wasnt very professional + ignored I still get forms sent out what do you think of the support you recieve from mental health no probs with support staff but these docs need a swift kick + when we go to meetings they talk in front of my son like hes not in the room I made my feeling felt + also my son is starting to speak up for himself


    I thought I would bring you up to date in my DIL she has left my son and moved in with her mother,

    she has taken her off the tablets that were helping her and now she is threatening him with voilence.

    He mother is a trained nurse so I don’t know what she is thinking but her father said her mother is mad.

    He has been to the police and the welfare and all have said to get out of the house and go where it is safe.

    I can’t push him into anything but I did say to him if she doesn’t stop and she ends up hurting him or the boy

    she might end up in a mental hospital.

    We are moving the bus into the back yard so when he comes down here you can’t get into that part of the yard

    unless you come through the house. Plus we will put the cameras up so if she turns up he will have notice to get help.


    who is the child living with?


    He’s with us. Thank goodness at least he is safe.

    The welfare told him in th ebest interests of the child to get him away from them.

    Son2 doesn’t trust either the wife or the mother with him.

    She said the other day she doesn’t want anything to do with him any more,

    She said he is tying her down for having a good life. So he is better off away from them.

    Hes 3 on Sunday and hasn’t once asked for her but has asked where’s daddy.

    Granddaughter is keeping him company she has gotten him into ponies.

    they are really good together :hug:

    I never thought in a million years things would end up like it has with both boys.

    the eldest sons X is just a junkie but this is so different


    They are all lucky to have you Grandma Robyne :hug:


    Robyne you’re an amazing Grandma and your kids and grandkids are so very lucky to have you :hug: . I hope in time she gets the help she needs and that their family, if all is not too broken, can be mended.

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