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    I was wondering of any one has had any dealings with this.

    My DIL has just been diagonsed with it and is being committed to GLenside mental hospital for her own safety

    She threatened to run her car with her and their 3 year old into a tree at speed and kill both.

    to stab my son and their son

    She has done self harm lately.

    Son can’t work as he is afraid she might hurt their son.

    He found her sitting on a brick wall in their front in her underwear at 3am and

    when he tired to get her inside she went mad.

    so he called the ambulance and they took her to hospital.

    Her mother is Bipolar and I was wondering if it was part of it.

    I haven’t been able to get hold of my neice to ask her to find out for me.

    I know its a very complex mental problem she seems to have surfaced since the birth of the boy

    I have wondered if a friend who is a drug addict has spiked her drinks and its come from that.

    Son told the doctor my fears and he said they will run tests on her.

    Not a good time Fingers Xed she will get better


    Dear Robyne…..I’m afraid I don’t have any knowledge or advice for you but I do so hope the right help is found for everyone in this situation, it must be so very distressing……….

    :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:


    sorry to hear Robyne 🙁


    Not good news Robyne, :hug: But at least now she is diagnosed and can, hopefully, be treated.



    Sorry to hear Robyne. From my experience with others, many sufferers are much better once medicated and only run into problems when they don’t take their meds. She is in the best possible hands at the moment. I don’t have any professional advice to offer, I’m sorry. Will be thinking of you :hug: :hug:


    Hi Robyne, I’m sorry to hear this. Can I make a suggestion that your son makes sure he gives himself some time out. It will be incredibly stressful on him and as the carer, he needs to be able to rest and recharge his batteries. For both their sakes…

    Wishing you and your family all the best.


    So sorry to hear about your DIL Robyne :hug:

    I’m not a doctor at all but maybe ask the mental health team could it be post partum psychosis?

    I had never even heard of this until a friend of the family’s daughter had a complete breakdown. This normally very reserved lady had the manic form; she suddenly started acting oddly and at her most extreme was having hallucinations and remove her clothing in public. She too was committed and had a very specific treatment regime. It took a few months for her to fully recover.

    During subsequent preganancies she had to be monitored for any signs that the illness might reoccur (apparently without treatment PPP will reoccur in something like 80% of further preganancies).

    I know this may not be the issue for your DIL but since you mentioned this seems to have developed since the little fella was born I thought I would mention it. I’m not sure how widespread awareness is in the medical community.



    :hug: :hug: Robyn. One of my S-I-L has schizophrenia and is much better since she has been medicated, still has her problems she has to face but things are better. Your poor son is going to need a lot of support as is his wife, it will be a hard road ahead for them.

    I do agree with gumnut. It would be interesting to see if she has postnatal depression or even hormonal problems which have contributed since it started since bubs was born or even triggered it.

    I’m sure she is getting help from some wonderful medical people and with such a loving and supportive family she should improve.



    I have a son who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia 14 years ago at 19. One of the more important aspects is the need for support, both for the person affected as well as their immediate family.

    Unfortunately resources for Mental health patients, particularly those with long term problems, is rather limited. However I would suggest either your son or yourself getting in contact with your local state branch of ARAFMI or their equivalent. It is an organization specifically targetted at supporting families of people with mental health problems. They will be able to help with information, resources, guidance, support etc. They will be able to point you in the right direction to access private and public services that may help your family cope.

    In our case they even provided a place in supported accommodation for our son while we had a holiday.

    I wish your family well for the future.



    Oops. I forgot to add the details.

    The national office of ARAFMI is in Victoria at

    Mental Health Carers Arafmi Australia


    Phone: 03 9457 7130

    Fax: 03 9455 2218

    They seem to have branches in every state except SA. However I am sure there will be an equivalent organization there.




    We thought it only popped its head since she had the little fellow 3 years ago but according to her father

    who is a doctor, he saw it, when she went of the boards, after her parents broke up as a teenager.

    Her father arrives today and he has advised Son2, not to allow her mother near her.

    Little fellow is here with us, so he is safe and so queit at the moment, he saw his mum, go in the ambulance.

    I thought she had Baby blues but wouldn’t go to the doctors for help. I had a mild dose of it after son2 but

    was treated and it soon passed. She wanted to breast feed him but din’t have enough milk for him but wouldn’t

    listen to any one and her mother kept sayign we were wrong and she was right. In the end her sister put him

    on a bottle and he never looked back. He was under weight at the time. He used to cry all the time and I used to say

    he needed topping up. Mother is a big influence in her life. when she is well away from her she is fine will

    listen to reason. she also has a drugged up friend and I did wonder if she had spiked her drinks, but the

    doctors have said there was no drugs in her system Thank God for that.

    She got so bad she even blamed my son for her parents marriage breaking up over 20years ago.

    Its been hard watching her go down so far.

    Like a lot of you its not in my family or hubbies so its hard to put things together.

    I did work with a woman whoes brother commeted suicide from it and she said they never picked it and was told

    that a lot of families don’t see it coming till its too late. I saw the mood swings and the talking so fast she

    seemed to babble her words and she laughed at silly things. I said to my son last year whenher grnadfather passed

    away that laughing at the funeral wasn’t right and she needed to see a doctor back then. but she wouldnt go.

    Many thnks for all your kind thoughts I jsut hope she pulls through this and knows we all love her and want her

    to get better in the best way she can. I have told the son he needs to get her well away from those who pull

    her down to their level.


    so sad Robyne 🙁 for everyone


    I have no advice, but letting you know I am sending positive thoughts, for her getting the treatment she requires


    :hug: Robyne, and hoping for positive outcomes for your DIL.

    As a spouse and carer of someone who is mentally ill, I second the advice that your son will need support too. You solider on but gradually everything takes its toll on you. At the very least surround yourself with good friends and family that you can talk to. (I personally get very distressed talking to strangers about my feelings so I don’t attend support groups or see a counsellor – this is just me however).

    BTW my Hubby is not schizophrenic (he has depression and anxiety – which if untreated can also lead to paranoia – with Asperger’s on the side) and has never become violent or threatened to harm others but has attempted self-harm on occasion (thankfully he has enough self-awareness to realise that when his thoughts have got that bad, he needs to call his doctor). That’s scary enough. I can only imagine what your son was feeling when your DIL started to act like that.


    nothing I can add except for a :hug: or two :hug: :hug:

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