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    I am a half glass full kind of person and I am a climate Change sceptic(note not denier) but work on the basis that we might as well act as if things will get worse as if we do it can only make the planet cleaner and greener. Having said that I really do think that we will survive almost anything better than those who do not try to help themselves.

    One of the things I have been pondering is how it will change our present society’s power base. Those who can live simply, provide water and food for themselves and have relearned the old skills might well become the most powerful group in society. The rich paper shufflers might find they have very little to offer, after all money will be no use if there is little to consume, no status symbols or the power to use them!. I wonder what Gina can do?I have been teaching myself some skills and trying to think of the things we might need. While I was clearing out the garage I found one of my camping flints. I will find the second one and put them in the “useful stuff” box, might get a couple more as well. We are building our property, establishing an orchard and will be building composting bins, more marron and fish ponds and I would like to get small pigs for their many uses within a permaculture set up. I am a reasonably handy leatherworker and have a number of useful tools. I can sew quite well and have a treadle sewing machine. We will be building a small straw bale home which will not require much heating and no cooling, solar passive and will be carefully choosing what to plant as summer shade but will let the sun in in winter and provide food.

    I regularly pick my 90 year old Dad’s brain for ideas as he grew up on a farm and has been helping with advise about how things were done and they had no electricity.

    We look forward to becoming totally self sufficient and treat it as the great adventure.

    As to what others do if the change is reasonably gradual people will adapt and I see ASLs and like minded people becoming the recognized essential skill holders. You never know maybe we will end up with a less stressful, kinder world!


    Part of what Penny has said is:

    “As to what others do if the change is reasonably gradual people will adapt and I see ASLs and like minded people becoming the recognized essential skill holders. You never know maybe we will end up with a less stressful, kinder world! “

    Penny I agee with that and to take what you say a step further and say that folk with survival skills will become teachers and of course we will share what we have and know, humans always help each other. :hug:



    Some great sentiments and some great hopeful outcomes. :tup: Now from a ‘glass half empty’ perspective, I too think we will end up with a simpler way of life, but what concerns me is the getting there bit.

    The population decrease, GFC 2 (incoming :jawdrop:) then GFC 3 GFC 4, energy/resource skirmishes or wars, starvation etc and other associated risks, are in my opinion most likely. This is what happens to a global system such as ours in a systemic collapse.

    Think about Australia for a second, under populated, resource rich, plenty of coastal/arable land…… On a global scale, we will end up being a ‘target’ of some description. Our lands/resources are already feeding Asian growth etc.

    Unless one of these alternate energy alternatives such as algal biofuel or LENR comes online on a commercial largescale basis (Where’s Bullseye when you need him? :shrug: ), then in my opinion, the dominos will fall, it is just a matter of the when. As I have said before, I sincerely hope I am wrong, but can’t shake that ‘gut feeling’.

    Those ALSers and others left, will be a valuable resouce in the future, but as I say, I worry about the getting there bit.

    Anyways, thats my opinion :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:


    KristyMumTo4 post=338753 wrote:

    I think that’s also why you need to grow native types of food that the mainstream won’t recognise

    yes. Not because you don’t want to share but because then it’s not completely eaten out as say stocks of rice etc would be if they were found. So they will be consumed, but in moderation and allowed to continue to grow and produce rather than eaten to the ground.

    Another reason we’re trying to get ‘out’ of the built up areas and to a smaller town community.

    Taro… I’ll have to check that one out 🙂

    Kristy I haven’t checked where you are but have a look around for some ideas. Greenharvest is also another good website that occasionally has a few things out of the ordinary available.


    I have just spent an hour and 17 minutes watching a thought-provoking documentary about where we are now and where we are headed. The narrator does not cite sources for his claims, so his opinions are just that and should be taken with whatever grain of salt you find to your taste. On the other hand, much of what he says regarding peak oil etc. resonates with research I have done, so I think he is worth listening to.

    WARNING: If you are a rabid neo-liberalist, or a dyed-in-the-wool conspiracy theorist, you might have to wear a head vise while viewing, so your brain does not explode.

    The Crisis of Civilization


    I think it would get them worked up if they found out one was not using oil based fuels.



    penny post=338781 wrote: One of the things I have been pondering is how it will change our present society’s power base. Those who can live simply, provide water and food for themselves and have relearned the old skills might well become the most powerful group in society.

    History might have some insights to offer in regard to this. In the darker ages of the past there were always people who had little in the way of practical skills, yet were wealthy enough to sustain a group of followers who were more than willing to levy violence upon the meek and take a small share of the spoils as a reward.

    The “food chain” of human society has not changed much in thousands of years, it’s just been re-branded for a new age; outsourced violence now supports a range of laws made by powerful people to protect powerful interests, and we’ve been indoctrinated into the system from an early age by way of institutionalised education and a range of rewards for compliance to the extent that most of us don’t stop to think that in essence we’re no better off than medieval serfs.

    Yes, we live longer and healthier lives, and have more trash to keep ourselves distracted, but we’re still supporting a vast structure of people more powerful than us with our labour, and we still obey the dictates of those people under threat of violence.


    Just watched a show on You Tube called 9 meals away from Anarchy part 1/2

    It is eye opening. I know the Woolies stores down here will close their doors and send all they stocks back to the warehouse, to stop panic but I think it will cause more panic as people won’t be able to get at least some food. That will cause panic and people breaking in and robbing places they know prep. I don;t tell people around here we stockpile as its for my family. But if anyone gets an idea you have food you will be a target. Smells will give you away. so you might have to cook well away form the home. I did say to one person I know to find as many ways of cooking carp will save a lot if they can eat it.

    the web site for the vidoe is

    It talks about all the natural disasters we have had in 2011 and the trouble people have had gettign food to their tables.

    Other vidoes show you how to stock up and save your food with Mylar bags. has some really good vidoes to watch


    look at hay boxes as a cheap / under the radar way of cooking

    Le LoupLe Loup

    Does anyone really see this sort of thing happening here in Australia? I survived cyclone Tracey, & I have seen the results of black-outs, & they are crippling. But this is a long way from what we are seeing in this video. Can it happen here? Yes of course it can, but I think we will have to sink a lot lower that we are now before it will spark that sort of disruption.

    Having said this, we, my family, are prepared, so apart from raiders from the towns & cities we are fine. We will cross the raiders bridge when/if we come to it.

    Regards, Keith.


    When we were first married in 73 the truck drivers in Australia went out on strike and the shops were empty within a few days. I rang my Mum and asked her if I could get anything for ehr as I local shop had just got in a load and she said flour and yeast and lots of it. Plus powdered milk. So we went down and bought all what we needed and flour and yeast for Mum.

    She kept us in bread

    We had no fuel as none were being delivered, Lucky at the time we lived near a rail station so we could get to work our work was stock piled where we could put it so when the strikes were over it could go out.

    Then in the 80s the power people went out on strike and we lived in darkness for days. Again I was lucky we had gas but we used the BBQ with wood to save the gas.

    Where we live now is a place know locally “Place of the candle light dinners” as the power is always going out. More so when the rubber necks come down for their holidays.

    So if you think its only in the US think agian like Le Loup said it can and might happen here


    Yes it can happen in this country of Australia and when it does most people will be taken by surprise. It is best to tell no one what you are doing and make out you have nothing that way you are less likely to draw unwanted attention to yourself. I remember wool worths in Darwin in the mid sixties when the wharfies went on strike, Some shelves only had one or two tins of food left on them untill the army was called in. Some advise be prepared for everything.



    It is always good to be prepared, just in case something goes wrong, illness loss of job or something else. Being prepared for at least a month gives you the chance to recover or reassess your position. I am trying to set us up so we have the basics to survive without having to spend much if that happened to us.


    Hubby made an interseting comment about the Doomsday Preppers. He said if you see someone who hasn’t last weight it would give your food stock pile away. :shrug:

    Its an interesting thought, so maybe if we end up with food shortages, we all should loose weight, to fit in with all the non food storers

    Le LoupLe Loup

    Good thinking, a good incentive!

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