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Scarey news out of India regarding bees!

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    Lady BeeLady Bee

    The Americans more or less discarded that idea a few years ago when their Colony collapse disorder problems started. From memory they put the problem down to mainly a combination of diseases and build up of pesticides.

    Personally I think, because of the international trends, that saw the more advanced regions seeing the problems first, leads me to think that mobile towers should be seriously considered more.


    First it was the frogs (since when is the last time you’ve heard a frog croak it’s happy song at the rain?) … now it’s bee’s.

    I’m still waiting for the bees to fertilize my early crops … they haven’t arrived. Even the wasps are absent. I rather like our native wasps …

    Silent Spring anyone? Last day of winter today … today should be all about planting ready for the boom …

    We planted, but there’s just a few lonesome fly’s … I miss the bee’s … their numbers are dramatically down … I should be scuffing my feet around now (allergic), NOT stomping! I can still stomp … that’s plain crazy around now … I should be worrying about stings, not looking a single example of one of my favourite little critter!

    Even the ant and wasp and spider numbers are down …

    A little story … (just tiny) … I have this little spider that lives in my car. First time I spotted her, I was a bit freaked … but I let her be. She’s still there … not a bit web, but enough that she got all excited that she captured an ant just today!

    I’m allergic to wasps … and it’s ridiculous, but I haven’t seen a wasp (of the european OR the Aussie native variety) in nearly a year now. I miss them.

    I miss a lot of the small creatures. And hope that the native blue-banded bees will come back to my flowers this year (and that I get a photo of them … I have a funny feeling that photo’s are going to be needed 🙁 ).


    I have bees! I have bees! Lots of them. 🙂

    Doesn’t surprise me though Lady B. The news just keeps getting better all the time. 😐


    Encourage your bee’s to wander my way J :tup:

    mary dollmary doll

    i have native bees and a good range of other beasties in my garden. As soon as the bok choy and tomatoes come into flower the bees are there in droves including blue native bees.

    Today in the garden i had 2 magpies following me around pecking at the earth after i had done the weeding.


    ma wrote:

    Encourage your bee’s to wander my way J :tup:

    You may need some of these?

    It’s an Australian Native, is evergreen and is called Eriostemon Profusion.

    sewing ladysewing lady

    Come to the South Coast – we have bees and wasps and frogs. The bees have been around all winter and the frogs live in the courtyard.


    We have bees here in the northern sunshine coast QLD, Both ordinary and native and plenty of green frogs. But we have noticed that there are more or less no grass hoppers this year. That is good news because we dont want them but the birds ard a bit hungry because of it. The magpies are lining up with the chooks to eat grain lol.



    Plenty of bees, grasshoppers and frogs here in wild Tasmania, well at my place anyway!



    Plant heaps of lavender.. mine’s crazy here, though magpies and currawongs have been haunting here lately, coming quite bold now. I dont see any change in number of insects but I DO notice the lower number of frogs around lately. I am hoping to build a pond quite close to house and vegie patch – this way I would be able to monitor the population of frogs and such.

    Sad to see that insects are struggling against manmade stuff, eh?

    Thanks for that, LadyB

    Cheers! :hug:


    Ma, I have lots of bees and lots of frogs here! Lots of little birds coming in now too, as my garden slowly grows.

    Less than two metres from my office desk here I have had an explosion of baby frogs (two varieties) which has thrilled me no end. I wondered what the sound was a few mornings ago and thought it was birds but found it to be frogs!

    However one of my sisters in a leafy, bushy part of Sydney says there are hardly any bees to be seen around her place… :uhoh:


    There are frogs, in the local community garden. Just plain little brown ones, but you better believe that it was a happy day for me, to know they are about.

    Still to see a cricket (hadn’t thought about the crickets, but I’ve been here a little while now, and have never seen one) … haven’t heard a cicada either … that’s odd!

    Haven’t seen a single skink … it will be a delighfully happy day when I do!


    There are frogs, in the local community garden. Just plain little brown ones, but you better believe that it was a happy day for me, to know they are about.

    Well I’ll bet it’s heartening to know they’re there at least. If there were no frogs anywhere, that would be a concern. Obviously the faclilties at the community garden are attractive to frogs and they’ve wanted to move in. Great to hear!


Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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