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scaly leg mites

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    Hi all,

    I was just given a tub of vaseline mixed with sulphur to smear on my chooks legs. My lovely neighbour confirms my suspicions of the scaly might. So last night we were picking the hens off their perches, just on dark and doing the business. Messy business it was too.

    Today they seem a bit happier if not a little distant from me. But they are walking better and not scratching at their legs.

    Has anyone else had scaly might on their chooks legs and if so how did you treat it and did it go with one application or is it a regular maintenance issue?



    Been there done that. It depends on how bad it is, when I got my first girl she was so bad she couldn’t walk and ended up losing the tip of one toe.

    I coated her legs every day to every second day for a month or two. Your trying to suffocate the mites that are under the scales then soften the scale build up so it will fall off.


    I dip their legs in a pot of cheap vegetable oil. If their scales are still lifted, I keep doing it every few days until they look better. Not as messy as vaseline & just as effective.


    Sometimes, just one good, thick coat of vaseline only, does the job. I’ve also used the olive oil spray in the can, which is convenient but had to do that a few times to get results.


    I use lard…. mixed with eucalyptus oil or lavender and tea tree (melt lard, add essential oils, (just a smidge), then let set again.

    Lard is just as sticky as vaseline, but not petro-chemical based.

    Cheaper too… and works a treat. :tup:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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