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scaley leg mite

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    I had a rooster that had particularly dose of leg mites. An old farmer told me to coat his legs in lime. They looked better almost immediately, and within a couple of days almost looked ‘normal’. I followed this up with Pestene. Seemed to work well!


    slowlynow post=342222 wrote: I had a rooster that had particularly dose of leg mites. An old farmer told me to coat his legs in lime. They looked better almost immediately, and within a couple of days almost looked ‘normal’.

    I like to hear what the old farmers used.. some things are quite amazing. I haven’t heard this one before, thanks 🙂


    I recently moved to the country and inheritaed some chooks and they had scaley mite on their legs. My neighbour gave me some vaseline mixed with sulphur powder. I rubbed it into the legs and saw an immediate different. One chook that I thought was old as she walked with a limp suddenly stopped limping. Some weeks later now and I need to do another go as I missed a few spots. But gee that sulphur stinks, it gets thru the rubber gloves too.

    This neighbour also says to put a garlic capsule down the chooks neck every month for the worms.

    My chooks look so healthy now.



    or put a garlic clove in their water container


    Hi Dayla,

    How much sulphur powder?




    50 – 50 sulphur with the vaseline.


    I did all of mine last night & early this morning. I painted their legs with vegetable oil using a stiff old pastry brush, then sprinkled their legs with pestene powder & rubbed it in under the scales with the oily brush again. It made a paste on their legs, rather than pre mixing it. I’ll let you know how it goes!


    Sounds a lot easier than the sulpher stuff.


    Sure was easy. I had 50-odd chooks to do so speed & ease is the way to go for me!


    So what is your set up bandicoot valley?

    Do yo have some one hold the chooks for you with their legs toward you or do you manage on your own?



    I manage on my own. First I hold them upside down by the legs with their belly towards me to stop them trying to flap around & right themselves, give them a dusting of pestene powder around vent, under wings, etc, then put my hand on their breast, lift them up away from me & tuck them into the crook of my arm so their wings are pinned between my body & my arm & I hold their legs in that hand & the other arm is free to oil their legs. So their head is near my upper arm & their tail is pointing down to the ground. Does that make sense, or shall I take a demo photo for you?


    No that makes perfect sense, It is a little amazing though, you must have been exhausted after 50 chooks and very dirty. Did any mites jump onto you after the powder was applied?


    BV, you do better than me 😛 .. i get DH to help me catch and hold when dusting with the pestine.


    :laugh: chook update! well I have done a few applications of the vaseline on there legs, and we did a dose of invermectin just for a bit off extra help. I have had a good chance of getting out their at night time and me and hubby go through them so its getting better quite quickly! He’s getting some woodchips this weekend so we can go right through and clean their coop out, and we have some pestine to scatter around to. Once it feels more like maintenance of no/low mites we are learning prevention is key! have heaps of wormwood at our house so I don’t see any reason that can’t be in there nesting boxes!? thanx for those lovely understanding posts about balancing kiddies and chooks by the way!


    Sounds like you’re on top of it now Nane, that’s great.

    Had another friend of mine say they have had mites introduced throughout their eco village by mites living in the hay bales they’ve brought in. So I checked mine out & yep, they are absolutely crawling with them. Pretty sure that’s where this infestation came from. I carried a bale down to the fire pile & where it had been against my legs & top I was thoroughly covered.

    And yes, Dayla, I was covered in mites after dusting & oiling the chooks too. Everything went straight in the wash & I dove in the shower & washed my hair!

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