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Sausages, does anyone here make their own??

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    As the title says, does anyone here make their own sausages??

    My DP loves sausages, but has an intolerance to artificial flavours and preservatives, so stays away from them.

    Also my dad has just recently been diagnosed as a ceiliac (gluten intolerant) so in general sausages are off the menu for him aswell (unless they are specific gluten free, which is usually not preservative and artificial flavouring free aswell, so no good for my DP)

    What I am thinking is if I could make them myself, I could cater for all diet needs in the one sausage, making family BBQ’s a lot easier, and another thing that would be good is to know exactly what we are eating.

    Is it possible to make them without a special sausage maker machine??

    Casings… my brief Google-ing, it seams that cellulose casings are fairly easy to come by, reasonably cheep, and easy to store, any advice on this.

    Recipes….any that people would like to share, (preferably that use basic ingredients like herbs and spices rather than pre packaged flavouring mixes)


    we have been making our own for ages now fed up with the taste from the shops and butchers. We buy our skins from MBF here in SA.

    Vegan sausage recipe from are quite nice bit different

    lots of sausage recipes from

    For people who like Black Puddings they also have lots of good recipes for sausages. This web site covers lots of different recipes and types of sauasages

    For venison sauages

    Liver sauasages

    for contenetial recipes

    The cook and the chef on Channel 2 has a good recipe for Fritz if any in SA wants to make it for those interstate its simalar to your Devon


    Thanks for that.

    Do you have the special mincer/Kenwood/Kitchen Aid attachment for doing sausages? or is there an easy (cheap) way to do it by hand?


    I have a mincer to go with my Kenwood that I use often but I have a old mincer that belonged to my grandmother and a sausage stuffer that is a hand model that was hers as well, Have been told its over 100years old.

    Its a 2 person job when we make them. one to hold the cases and one to turn the handle.

    Have bought son2 a mincer and sausage maker from Ebay for under $35 for his birthday this month.

    For Christmas I was looking at getting him ingredients like liquid smoke, extra paprika, and herbs and spices for him.


    The hardest thing is to stuff the sausage skins as by hand is way to hard you need something to push the meat through. There are hand models or electric ones, worth the money if you cant buy sausages anyway. We add onions, mince meat, herbs from the garden.

    What I have read is pork fat helps bind it all and it would be very rare to buy any commercial ones without it, but I have not used it as I dont like pork, but I do add some fat when mincing meat.

    Home made sausages freeze well, and I tend to cook them slowly too stop them bursting, boiling them then frying also does the trick.


    I can also recommend their book Homesausage making.


    I made some Cevapcici’s this morning they are those little sausages with out skin. In the shops they cost over $6 a packet and are so full of fat they taste awful. SO I down loaded a recipe a couple of years ago and started making my own.


    1 kilo minced meat any kind

    2 cloves garlic minced

    1/2 teaspn.paprika

    1/2 teaspn salt

    1/8 teaspn black pepper

    1 1/2 tablespn of plain flour

    put all ingreds in a large bowl and knead all together well.

    divide into small sausage sizes

    refrigerate until firm can be frozen at this point

    can be pan fried or grilled.

    As this isn’t like the shop ones you will need to use a small amout of oil to stop it sticking to your pan

    you can change the recipe if you like it more spicy just add extra paprika or finely chopped red peppers


    I did get the relevant attachments for my kenwood, to do different sausages with, but the pork belly really put me off,

    it even sounds revolting 🙁


    we have made sausages using kangaroo meat and duck fat. Pork fat is not necessarily the only fat you can use. We didnt want the port fat over flavouring the kangaroo meat, duck fat was the next option.

    you can have lots of fun making sausages. First time round, i think everyone breaks the casing at least once.


    I was given a mincer/stuffer a while back by some neighbours who got it as a christmas present years ago and never used it.

    Made one batch so far – chicken with apple brandy. Yum. Used natural (ie: intestines) casings which our local butcher gave us for free.



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