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    Thanks Misty, got through the danger period and am having a small serve of dark mint chocolate (less than half of what I have been eating) before bed.

    I suspect the free foods are what I had for lunch – shaved cucumber, carrot and capsicum salad and avocado. Not bad, but the kids have eaten all my avo’s so I have to get more. Actually, the carrot and capsicum might be too sugary! Oh well, at least they weren’t sweets. I figure if I can do it for 3 days I’ll have broken or nearly broken the snacking on sweet thing that is driving my weight up.


    Dont know what your thoughts are on taking vitamins, but apparently chromium tablets (or a multi with chromium in it if you prefer) will reduce sugar cravings… Never tried it, just heard about it… :S


    roadwarrior post=308626 wrote:

    There was a website that also helped me count my calories.

    Sample Daily Kilojoule and Nutrient Calculator

    It’s not really detailed as much as I’d like, but it certainly helps.

    There is a program called Foodworks which is super detailed in dietary planning. You can pretty much put in any brand of food and it will come up with the calories, nutritional content and anything else you could possibly want. You can also make up your own recipes eg. 1 cup of rice, 2 carrots etc. And it will give you the calories and nutrient content.

    We’re using it as part of a dietary planning subject I’m doing in my degree. Only downside is that you have to pay for it. I think its $30 for 3 months. But if you’re looking for something detailed it might be for you.

    Congrats on your progress so far! Keep us updated.


    I’ve lost a whole bunch of weight in the last few weeks and it’s been surprisingly easy. I don’t have a lot of time to excercise and sticking to a set diet has always been hard for me due to my odd working hours, so I just made a couple of simple changes.

    Firstly, I stopped eating products with wheat/gluten. We already have one person in the household who is gluten intolerant, so that was easier than it otherwise might have been, and it has the added bonus of cutting out the majority of empty carbs and other temptations like cake etc.

    Secondly, I upped my protein levels – I don’t do dairy, but I’d just been skipping it altogether – now I have soy. But I eat eggs, loads of eggs, and that helps a whole lot

    Thirdly – I halved my dinner portions. Yep. Chopped em in half. Was eating WAAAAYY too much. It took about a week before my stomach went – yep, I’m full now at half the amount. That was surprisingly easy.

    Fourthly – I stopped eating my dinner when I got home from work, choosing to eat what I could in my 10 min break instead. (get home at about 10PM, 10 min break is at 7.20). This way, I am no longer going to bed with a stomach full of food, so I’m hungry in the morning when I usually have eggs for breakfast. And I can’t eat a whole lot in my break, so that’s good too!

    And the fifth thing I did was replace all my previous sugar/carb based snacks with nuts and seeds. The fat replaced the sugar cravings, and the protein fills me up so I only need a small amount to get through the hunger cravings.

    That’s all I’ve done. It’s not been hard as yet. I may reach that plateau at some point and need to shift things around again but right now I’m enjoying the fact that my pants are falling down *grin*


    Thanks wiccanchilde, I already take 800mcg of chromium a day. As part of my depression I used to crave sugar and eat so much sweet stuff as a time that I would practically pass out with the sugar low after. Chromium helped me stop this. It seems to work both by stabilising my blood sugar and reducing some of the cravings.

    Interestingly ali_celt I didn’t eat wheat yesterday and had less bloating, so this might be the way to go – I still ate oats though. I also have 2 wheat free members of my household, but that means I also know how to cook a huge amount of sugary GF treats so I’m still going to say reducing carbs, not going GF. I think I need to buy eggs and do what you are doing – my chooks are not keeping up with my egg intake.

    Might also treat myself to some prawns… mmmm…. and nice cheese….mmm… a definite reason to keep on a low carb diet (especially when prawns are as cheap as some other meats!)


    How are we all going?!

    I’m on my second day of CSIRO. I have got a headache, feel pretty groggy and tired, and a little hungry. Although I’m chomping on carrot, celery, cucumber and tzatziki… which is helping a lot with my energy levels!!

    Aside from previously having a much bigger bowl of cereal and perhaps too much coffee and too many snacks, my diet wasn’t really unsimilar to the CSIRO plan. My portions were a lot bigger too. So I’m thinking the grogginess is just in my head!

    But I’m obsessing over food!! Reading food blogs, even cake wrecks is not a good way to subside my hunger.

    For those seafood lovers out there.. here’s an awesome and healthy prawn salad! I’ll make that one night this week… looks so nice!!


    I’ve gone from 104 down to 91 before easter, back up to 94 after easter, and now steadily loosing weight again.

    If I can get back down to 91 and stay there, or even get to my old sustainable weight of 89 I’ll be really happy.

    Like I said, nothing special about my diet. Still eating plenty of fats and yummy food. Just keeping a really low sugar intake.


    Woolworths have my favourite lunch-in-a-can on special at the moment. The Heinz variety of Big’N’Chunky soups (the beef and vegetable is the best) are only $2/can. They are normally around $3.20 full price. You’ll notice them by their black labelling.



    I think I need to glue my mouth shut,every time I walk into the kitchen I have to eat something whether I want it or not,this is happening at both work and home worse at work because I’m on my own and its night shift.

    I’m trying the smaller plate thing but some nights I over pile,tonight I was very good till the last person went to bed and I had to go near the kitchen and I snavvled 4 ..yes 4 bikkies.

    My will power has deserted me for a while now and I need to get it back.


    Wow – well done RW. I’m trying the no morning tea approach as well. Don’t come too close to me between 11:30 and 1pm!!:laugh:




    My favourite lunch-in-a-can, the Heinz Big’N’Chunky soups are HALF PRICE!!!! this week at Woolworths. I think I bought about 30, even though I still have a heap from the last time they were on special.

    The Beef Stockpot and Beef’n’veges are the best of the range, offering good taste and a high lean meat content.

    I’m not sure if these are on special in everyone’s local supermarket, but they are worth a look, if not for a weight loss meal, then for an emergency supply of food in a crisis.



    So has everyone kept up with boot camp???? I must confess I lost 5kg then put 1 back on last week as I fell apart so I’m back to boot camp this week but have a dose of the flu so it should be an interesting weigh in this week as I haven’t been exercising 🙁

    I wish I could eat those soups RW. Too many additives for me unfortunately. I have been sticking to tuna salads, quiche and the odd toasted sandwich for lunch. Dinner and afterwards is my biggest downfall though, I seem to crave carbs and sugar :shrug:


    If you crave carbs and sugar you are not getting enough good fats. Have you tried coconut oil, butter or lard. Trust me, when I started adding these foods I lost inches and NO cravings!!! Low fat, high carb is a sure way to fail!

    Hope you feel better soon Misty


    I’ve had good success over the past month (just over a month). I’ve lost just about 5 kilos and am feeling pretty good, with little cravings. Two weeks ago I joined the gym as really, for me exercise helps and it does let ms eat extra.

    I joined CalorieKing, which allows you to track all you eat as well as exercise, it figures out your daily calorie amount and gives you a figure about 500 cals per day less than what you need to exist. (a rough indicator anyway, it seems to work).

    I struggle with those soups also, a bit salty, but it’s obviously working RW, so keep it up!

    Stay strong MH! you can do it 🙂


    After suffering from a sinus infection and not being able to breathe and food had no taste I actually lost interest in eating.

    my normal feeding times of B-L&D were sometimes a chore.So not eating great meals I found my stomach had shrunk so when I was better I didnt push the limits.

    Another thing I found has helped me minimise my food intake especially at dinner time is to use a bread and butter plate,I put the same food on I would normally eat but in smaller portions and I try not to overlap the foods.I have even left food on the plate.

    The chips and other yummy foods in the pantry at work dont whisper to me anymore and I am quite content with the amount I eat.

    Lunch is anything I like but only on one slice of bread, as I make my own one slice is plenty.

    I have noticed I have lost body weight my stomach is flatter my clothes fit better and I’ve only lost a couple of kilos,all I need to do now is get back to my excersices? and I can fix the rest up.

    I’m really pleased with my efforts even if I did have to get sick to achieve it.

    At work Tues I had a small slice of mud-cake couldnt eat it all too rich and I ended up with a migraine later that day…not 100% sure they were related tho.

    So I’m back on track yay

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