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    Bel I made a giant boo boo when I first planted sweet potatoes. I treated them like a spud and planted them 8 inches deep and nothing happened.

    Then I planted some just under the ground and whammo. They grew.

    BUT I am very much a ‘sweet potato novice’ so you should probably wait for some experienced folk to get back to you.



    Thanks Bobbee. :hug: I’ll try not to dig to China before I bury it. I’m just worried that the shoots will burn off if they’re sticking too far up out of the earth? Perhaps I should just use plenty of straw mulch around the shoots? I’ve gotta confess, I’ve never grown them before nor seen them grown so I don’t know what they’re supposed to look like….


    Thanks Gardenlen – sweet potatoes now growing. By the way thanks for your great website.


    I cut the tubers in half then place them cut side down in a shallow dish of water and top up as required. Then once sprouted, separate the slips and plant. My last lot were doing wonderfully until my darling wife ‘weeded’ them.


    Let it sprout under the sink, as you do, hardened off a bit, planted in sandy loam, good drainage required for rot and seemed to work ok. Got some.


    um what are slips??


    The slips are the stem part that grow out of the sweet potato portion. The idea is that if you cut them off and simply plant the stems, you will get plants growing without the risk of disease that can be carried by the tuber part.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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