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    Hey Gang!

    i am trying the stick-the-toothpicks-in-the-sweet-potator-and-suspend-it-in-water technique to encourage root and or slip development. Has anybody done this? does anyone have any other techniques to share?




    I put a sweet potato tuber in my wire veggie basket, hung it on the curtain rod of the kitchen window and it sprouted by itself, no water or soil! Just neglect:shrug:.


    I just throw them straight in the ground. So far strike rate is 100%:tup:


    hehe yes must say my sweet potaro ended up growing in my compost pile from peelings off the vegies. lols got a few that way. also from throwing away a half rotten one year b4 last and it ended up growing all over the back garden with little spuds on, ( chookies dug em up 🙁 .


    g’day nev,

    nah better way mate, cut tuber in 1/2 across and stand both ends in a little water not a lot needed keep the water up and if they are viable tubers they will grow. i am doing a page on growing sweet potato’s have a read for all the ideas more pic’s as they occur, the first tuber i selected was treated not to sprout.



    wombat I have just grown them from slip also and tubers just put in the ground …your not too far away , once mine go made again i can give you some slips if you like …just let me know …


    Hi wombat. Like Michelle-sm, I just left my tuber out for a few days (to harden) then planted them directly in the ground. They’ve been in there a few months now, and didn’t pop up until recently – with the warmer weather. 🙂


    I just put mine on the bench in the dark-room and they sprouted. I didn’t have a garden bed ready for them last year, so they’ve been sitting in there for all this time waiting for me to get my butt into gear. 😉 They’re still happily waiting!! I guess the dark room came in handy for something after all…. 😆


    Mine usually sprout in the vegie cupboard 😀


    Oh n nev , i found on the other day still growing in an old styrofoam box from when we moved here 5 months ago, crammed in with some ruhbarb and comfrey and another plant i forget its name .

    havent been able to kill it yet.

    things have to b tuff for me as all those were suposed to b planted months ago and … yup still waiting.:lol:

    i am sure i will get around to the gardens soon. @ least my daffodils got planted in time n came up .

    hmm just had a thought nev, you could try a few pieces of tuber in a wicker basket or milk crate in a well ventilated area, thats also how i have got mine to grow/sprout till they were ready to put in the ground.


    Hi Wombat, did you want the kumara sweet potato or the purple skined/whit inside sweet potato? just pulled up kumara(seems more compact) and can give you some, purple one is a bit feral can get vines for you after the long weekend.PM me if you interested.


    Hey Guys!

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I bought half a dozen small ones to put in my banana circle. I think I’ll try several different ways and see what works best fro me!

    Yup Chester, its the Kumera I want. I will PM!



    Thank youuuuu! I got ’em and put ’em in today!



    The Kumera kindly donated by Chester is starting to push sprouts up through the mulch. Hopefully we will have a good harvest of sweet potato this year.



    This sweet potato grew nicely on a saucer of water. I plan to plant it out when it cools down enough here in Adelaide. Forecast to be 41 degrees this Weds & Thurs!!:mad: Anyway, how deep should I plant it? One of the shoots is about 25cm high now…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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