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Rommie is back

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    Hi all,

    Some of you will remember about 6 months ago I’d bottomed out for a bit after I lost my FIL and my Hubby ended up in hospital. I’m glad to say things have picked up since then.

    Hubby’s up and running again, not perfect but is managing most things ok. Some of his medication side-effects are still not 100% managed but we’re working on it.

    The house hasn’t got much cleaner :whistle: although that’s because a) MIL has moved into a new house and we’ve been storing quite a few things for her in the interim and b) we’ve had Hubby’s office repainted so his furniture and stuff is everywhere. But he did have a thorough declutter while he was at it!

    The huge project I was working my guts out for has completed a successful first phase (this project will go on for a couple of years at least) and we’ve had lots of pats on the back from our higher-ups (pats on the back consisting of parties with food and booze 😉 )

    I decided to post today because today is the first time I’ve gotten stuck into the garden (as you all said I eventually would 🙂 ) – first job being to cut back the monstrous citronella geraniums near the house leaving two piles of cuttings over a metre high… :blink:

    Edit: and our fur-family has expanded – two Ragdoll siblings!


    So glad things are picking up for you and DH , Rommie.We’ve missed you. Congratulations on the project.

    Have fun in the garden,and hopefully Christmas will be a time of refreshment for you all.


    Hiya Rommie :wave: Welcome back.

    The world is a funny place sometimes, you are chopping back citronella geraniums and I am growing them and potting up cuttings to have around our outdoor eating area. :laugh:

    Well mine are called pelargoniums but I suspect we are talking about the same things. :cheer:






    Hi Rommie

    Welcome back, and I’m glad things are moving in a positive direction. :tup:

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Nice to have you back Rommie 🙂


    Hi Rommie and welcome back :wave:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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