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    I have been absent from the forum for quite some time, partly because I couldn’t log in to the new format and partly because life gets very busy at times. At the moment I have a bit of time as I am nursing a very sore foot(note to self, turn lights on at night) possibly a broken toe, so have had some time free. I have finally found where all the new stuff is so I have had a great time catching up with all that is going on. I love this site, everyone seems to be eager to help and offer advice freely. now if someone could tell me how to post a photo I would be cooking with gas!
    Cheers and a Happy,safe and friendly New Year to all.


    Welcome back, can’t help about the photos though as I have no idea.


    Hi posting phot5os is easy I just resize mine to 800 pixcells wide 600 high  and post away

    Using attach file bottom left

    Ps hope the toe isent broken


    Thanks for the advice on the pictures, I get the idea of sizing so will give it a go. I have a feeling the toe is broken given my experiences of broken bones in the past. Nothing to do about it but wait.


    I was having trouble with pics too. I’ll try resizing. Good luck with the toe Penny!


    I can’t remember what I did re photos, I can sympathise with the broken toe

    Judi BJudi B

    Welcome back 🙂

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Hi from me too. I miss you all. 


    Went to the property to check everything to find it had rained 13mm. the dam is the lowest ever and had to pull a couple of young ones out of the mud. toe is still a problem but i had a couple of friends helping so not so bad. getting some little chooks for the city garden today,

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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