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removing lantana

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    I might have missed this info before but anyone out there can recommend how to remove lantana without pesticides..?


    Pulling the whole thing out, root and all. Then replanting something else more suitable in it’s place, quickly!


    We had bush regen people here a few years ago who used poisons but it still does grow back unless you also keep checking back and pulling the plant out as it grows.

    I’m hestitant to pull too much out at once as it is a safe haven for small birds who would otherwise have nowhere else to go. So, my suggestion would be to pull it out in clumps and leave other clumps for the birds every 20-30 metres or so.


    Karni martinKarni martin

    Have heard that choko bombs are effective. Wrap sprouted choko in wet newspaper and throw in amongst the lantana. As the choko grows it smothers the lantana and eventually kills it. Then the dead lantana is easily removed. Have no idea if this actually works.:)


    The only way we have found to remove lantana is hard physical work, remove then burn it and keep going back for a few years to make sure you have got all the suckers. A nieghbour tried camals as they will eat it………………..but seem to prefer just about anything else;).

    Even chemicals are not sure fire and you still have to do the yearly check and respray.


    Thats a really interesting idea Karni, reckon it would work.

    But as RTB says, best way is the hard way…..and follow up.


    Out in the vast areas of large paddocks, a guy I know sows climbing legume seeds around Lantana thickets. The legumes grow all over the Lantana. When the cows are allowed in the paddock to graze they trample the Lantana while grazing on the legume. Eventually the Lantana dies.


    Lantana is a sign of potassium (I think) deficiency in the soil. Try taking it and making a weed tea with it. Then spread the weed tea over the lantana area repeatedly. The potassium in the lantana weed tea will rebalance the soil and then other things will be better able to grow there. I like the choko idea too….


    Both chokos and legume do work..slowly. I have done both


    I usually pull them when they are small,Ive heard they are quite good at creating micro nutrient islands,they mulch themselves and birds come and deposit droppings, so virtually anything likes to grow when there is some around providing protection….Obviously its also a pest for other reasons.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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