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red kidney beans

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    I brought some red kidney beans from eden seeds this year and they are growing really well and have just began growing beans.

    My question is when do I pick them?

    Are they best picked young and eaten or left until the beans inside are bigger.

    Also how do I dry the red kidney beans to use later in casseroles and soups etc?


    Phaseolus vulgarus – includes dwarf, climbing, french, snap, stringless, green and dry beans

    some varieties better for eating green (or purple) some are best as dry beans; eg. ;)red kidney, mexican black, pinto(refried beans), borlotti, (soup) navy(baked beans),

    red kidney can be eaten young like snap beans, they may be a little tougher than the snap variety or left till the seed matures and the pod starts to brown and dry out then the seeds shelled and stored for later use as a dry bean,

    the beans etc at the local whole-food stores and even supermarkets can be used as seed source, a lot cheaper, check for useby date on packet


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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