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    We are about to move to a new property in Central Goldfields of Victoria and i have collected lots and lots of boxes. When we arrive at our new property we will have many boxes to dispose of. Any ideas how they can be utilised around the property. We will have recycle pick up but i am sure there are ways I can recycle them on the 20 acres. Any suggestions would be appreciated.




    I save all cardboard boxes for making new gardens – put the plants in, lay the cardboard around, water and then cover with compost/mulch. The cardboard suffocates the grass/weeds and eventually breaks down. Or you can lay it around existing shrubs/fruit trees and cover with mulch.

    Congratulations on your move :tup:


    Im with Marz. We used most of our boxes in the garden. If you decide you dont want them, pop them on freecycle or in your local community newsletter.Someone will use them up for you

    Shangri LaShangri La

    If you have proper removalist boxes you could probably sell them through your local paper, otherwise they are great for making paths in the garden- just cover with mulch.


    Donate them to day care or child care centres for playing/building/crafting.

    A friend uses them as chicken nesting boxes and when they start getting tatty she deposits them, bedding and all, in to the compost. I’m going to try this when our chicken yard is finished.

    Use them to store rarely-used items. Cover them with contact or have the kids decorate them. We used ours for winter/summer clothes that weren’t being used, or old books I didn’t want to throw away. If you use the good, solid, fruit boxes that come with lids, you can turn them into little side tables if you drape a pretty table cloth over them.

    Good luck in finding other uses. These are just some of my suggestions.

    Enjoy your new home.


    I used boxes as Marz has suggested for many years – here I do not get so many boxes but those that do are used to send things to op shop or if too many or too damaged they are recycled around the trees in orchard or used to cover weeds at beginning of growing season when I set up the veg garden again – they are gone in weeks:tup:

    I do not use them to store stuff in much as the snakes seem to find their way in probto eat the mice that love boxes. I use those (horror) plastic cartons with lids! (you can see what is in them – they are a little harder to chew at and you can see mice nests or snakes in them – so no frights – much);)


    Wow thanks guys so many good ideas, I will be definately using some



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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