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Recipe needed

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    After years of making Chocolate Crackles I can not find the recipe after a clean out of the box everything was thrown into. :shrug:

    Son1 bought daughter some LCM bars and all they were was chocolate crackles with a line of chocolate over it then covered in very small M&Ms. :kiss:

    I think I can make it in a roasting tin and then slice it into the shapes and do the same but I have lost my recipe. :clap:

    So I am hoping someone will have a copy I can use :clap: :tup:


    Hi, the last time I went looking for choco crackles the recipe was on the copha wrapping. I have some in the fridge…… Ah yes here you go.

    250gr copha

    4cups of rice bubbles

    1 cup icing sugar

    3 tablespoons of cocoa

    1 cup coconut.

    Melt copha, mix in rice bubbles, icing sugar, cocoa and coconut. Mix well and spoon into paper patties. :tup:


    I know you were looking for a chocolate crackle recipe but I have made LCM style bars with melted marshmallows and ricebubbles and also made them with coco pops.


    I make LCM bars and they are super easy with no cooking involved.

    I googled a recipe called Rice Krispy Treats.

    6 cups rice bubbles

    1 pkt white marshmallows

    3-4 tablespoons butter.

    Melt butter and marshmallows together pour onto rice bubbles and mix until combined. Smooth into a slice tin and allow to harden. Cut when cold.

    I also add choc chips if I want or different coloured marshmallows for something different. :laugh:


    Oh yumm chocolate crackles

    Oh yumm LCM bars I’m drooling badly thanks a lot you guys.

    Recipes written ready for making.


    I have made them in a cake tray, worked well.

    i have also put chopped crystalized ginger in for a change.


    Many thanks for the recipes :kiss:

    I will make some this weekend. The Lcm where more like the chocolate crackles then the old LCM.

    He said they were a new type but very expensive for the amount you got. :jawdrop:


    Oh yum, with 2 kids birthday parties coming up I am so glad I saw this thread. I haven’t had choc crackles for years 😛


    Made both recipes this morning. So far both have gone down well. Will have to lock the fridge to keep her out of them so at least the grandson can try a bit this afternoon. 🙂

    Hubby borrowed my lamington tin for the truck that had an oil leak. Went to buy another at Woolies, sells only Wiltshire and at $10 each it is not worth it for me to buy them. The old one was a Prestige not making them any more according to the lad there.


    Don’t we just love our hubbies!!!!!! Do you know, LCM apparently doesn’t actually stand for anything.According to the Gruen Transfer the makers asked kids which was their favourite letter and L , C and M scored the highest…………. :whistle:


    The LCMs with marshmellows instead of copha are wonderful! Also, consider using cocnut oil instead of copha when making your choc crackles. Copha is highly processed and has no goodness in it what so ever, where as coconut oil (which is solid at room temp) has many many health benefits!! It’s available at any good health food shop.


    we make the lcm bars with marshmallows too


    Haha when I was doing a search for the birkenstock sandals, I found this old (2007) thread:

    Do your children like LCM bars

    Funny how many of the old topics are recycled! Rather apt for a site like this!!! 🙂


    Crackles that sound very cool and awesome..

    4 cups rice bubbles (Rice Crispies)

    1 1/2 cups sifted icing sugar

    1 cup desiccated coconut

    3 tablespoons cocoa

    250 g Copha

    24 patty cake paper cups



    Mix first 4 ingredients together in a bowl, pour melted copha in and mix well.


    Put in patty cups and refrigerated until chilled.


    in an effort to get more coconut oil into dd1, I made chocolate crackles with coconut oil, raw cacao, honey and rice bubbles. She yummed them up!

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