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Recipe for Fudge?

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    I never made fudge at home so i want to make it once but don’t know to make. Please share if you have any good recipes or suggestions.


    Hi there! I just loooove fudge, here is a simple enough recipe for vanilla fudge, let me know how it turned out, happy cooking

    Makes 50+ pieces

    • 250ml milk

    • 50ml double cream

    • 350g sugar, preferably caster

    • 100g butter, salted or not

    • 1 tsp vanilla extract


    1. Grease and line a cake tin of your choice, or square(roughly 20cmx10cm). Put the milk, cream sugar and butter in a fairly large, heavy based, pan. Heat slowly and stir continuously. Bring to the boil, keep stirring, and cook until it has reached 115C or 239F on a sugar thermometer. At this point remove it from the heat, continue to stir. After a couple of minutes add the vanilla, continue to stir for a further 5 minutes. Pour the fudge into the cake tin and leave to cool. Do not put it in the fridge.

    2. Once it has cooled, turn it out and cut into whatever size or shape your heart and soul desire. It will last for a few weeks if kept in an air tight container.


    goodfood, I made something similar to this once and it was absolutely

    beautiful. Mine remained a little soft but it all got eaten very smartly.


    Thanks for the recipe & suggestion!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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