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    A few strawberries, apricots, lots of cherry tomatoes, a few standard sized tomatoes, a couple of zucchinis and a couple of the longer thinner variety of eggplants. Along with some fresh basil, the vegies were used to make a sort of chunky sauce to go with meat balls and pasta. I used some apricots to make apricot and blueberry crumble.


    This whole month of Dec. has been amazing for me. I have just picked the last of 35 apples,been eating strawberries and blueberries when I go picking. Beans galore just love the purple king climbing ones, have also pickled them. Made mulberry jam about 20 jars, nectarine chutney about 10 jars, and peachcot jam about 10 jars also all size 20 vacola. :clap:

    Carrots when ever I want there are three good beds so think I will pull most of them and freeze then start again.Pickled lots of beetroot and more to come. 😆

    Wild cherry tomatoes red and yellow almost every night,just love them fried in their own juice or cut with basil sprinkled over the top, and very impressed with the Thai pink egg, have been profilic on two bushes so started bottling them so I dont buy tins. 😉

    Tried Yellow tomatoes also and they have been a great size with no fruit fly attack. Maybe its too cold for them, but some I have covered just in case.

    Got one small rockmelon, no pumpkin but I live in hope vine is good, and vine also good for watermelon but no fruit, I think its been to cold for them. :blink:

    Have had all sorts of soft leaf lettuce and now collecting seeds.Planted small quantities of potatoes all over the place and dig these up regularly.Also small white and red onions, leeks about hand size. Tons of parsley.

    Purple and green capsicum picked them 1/2 a hand size Purple ones taste a bit different, and now picking chilies. Might make a small quantity of chili sauce as have lots dried from last year. :cheer:

    Cucumbers are slow in happening as are the squashes; so its interesting that all the vines are having trouble, plus zucchini has only had two and now going mildew.

    Coffs being sub tropical has had unusual weather coldish and lots of rain not a lot of hot days. So I am still planting seeds and seedlings. :tup:

    Hoping January/Feb will be ok also.Normally I wouldnt bother much, if this is climate change I love it. Happy New year everyone. :hug: :hug:


    Hi Kasalia, Wonderful harvest you are having, congrats. :clap:

    Would you please tell me how you pickle your beans? 😉

    Today we picked lettuce, carrots, chioggia beetroot, golden beetroot, red beetroot, potatoes, purple king beans and butter beans, and tomatoes (the first 3 of the season) and silverbeet. :tup:

    Oh and a large bowl of blackberries, yummo!!!!!! :woohoo:

    Also sage and savoury and thyme to go in the beef broth which I have on good authority is another super dooper health kick thingy. :woohoo:



    One more Roma tomato yesterday, I give them to the baby twins for lunch or dinner. Most of us cant eat raw tomatoes so until i have enough to cook for sauce or to dehydrate for dried ones they will all go to the babies. Shouldnt be long now though, the other 26 tomato plants are starting to flower!

    Judi B

    I was weeding the garden and found a patch of small lettuce growing close together so thinned them out they only had about 5-6 leaves, then along a bit further found rocket doing the same again thinned them, a dozen strawberries, a couple of zuchs and cucumber.

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    Bobbee check your mail posted recipe for Pickled beans.


    Lots of huge zucchini, cherry tomatoes, basil, rosemary, lavender, rainbow chard, beans, parsley, eggs!


    squash button zuccini and normal zuk and cherry tomatoes

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    apple cucumber, beans, eggs, plums, peaches, lettuce, eggs, peppers, herbs

    Judi B

    not a lot growing here now but I picked 3 strawberries, 1 cucumber, 2 purple king beans and 2 butter beans :laugh:


    Toms, eggplant, carrots yesterday.

    I don’t think my tomato plants will be left standing by the morning if this rain continues though!


    I harvested my first melons for the season, cucumbers, salsify, the last of the blueberries and raspberries, and of course, tomatoes.

    Also harvested carrot seed and beetroot seeds. My sugar beet seed will be ready soon.


    Whoo Hooooo, one strawberry today!! And it wasnt mangled like my usual strawbs have been! And some basil… but that doesnt really count!


    Cucumbers, zucchini, parsley, tomatoes, green beans, eggplant, capsicum, chilli and strawberries 🙂


    Doubled post.

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