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    what is the web address for where you can buy raw dairy online?


    Organic Wholefoods

    It can only be sold as Bath Milk (as it can only be sold as a cosmetic under the Australian law).

    Bath milk 2l aphrodites


    It may not always be in stock though, so its best to give them a call prior to ordering.

    They also deliver around Melbourne and other areas.

    Cheers :tup:


    Is there a “swampy’s” in Sydney too???? Would love to buy raw milk!


    Swampy is the name of the actual farmer in Victoria, so no, he wont be in Sydney. You can try googling (Raw Milk or Bath Milk or Aphrodites Milk.

    I found a website that does Sydney deliveries :

    Unpasteurised, Unhomogenised Organic Jersey Cow Milk – for bathing and cosmetic purposes only. Please note that this specialty Milk has to be ordered a week in advance so please contact us (Ph: 1300 558 312) by 10.00am Tuesday so that we can include you in the milk order to arrive on the following Monday.

    Under the legal act, they must state it is for bathing and cosmetic purposes only, But this is real raw cow’s milk. Jersey cow milk is full of cream and one of the best milk around, and its only $6.95 (which is cheap)

    Goodluck :tup:


    We are happy to sell raw organically produced goat milk.Our goats are pasture fed except at milking time they get bio-dynamically grown grain(certified).

    Our pastures don’t get super either.

    And our goats raise their own kids too.

    So if you are interested pm me.


    I would love to have raw milk…..but why is it so expensive? The same arguments as organic produce?


    I can’t speak for everyone else and I don’t know exactly what you consider expensive but the cost of managing animals with consideration is greater than consumers realise.

    I don’t discard baby goats when they are born.We allow the mothers to raise them and don’t take milk unless their is sufficient for the kids.Our operation isn’t profit driven.At the same time I believe our product is worth what we ask.

    I don’t think you would take a job where you are making as little as what conscientious farmers do.

    There are people who would consider a good healthy product expensive at a certain price but not think twice about buying an ice cream and coffees to the same value,both of which are unnecessary indulgences.


    smurfy post=337495 wrote: I would love to have raw milk…..but why is it so expensive? The same arguments as organic produce?

    smurfy I pay $3 per litre. It may be worth your while to search a bit, ask at any shop that sells organic veg etc, sometimes the cosmetic milk isn’t advertised but is available. :tup:

    Good luck.

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Thanks Bobbee, will research availability.

    Lina, I did not mean any offence to concienious farmers, simply asking why organic etc is usually more expensive. I understand the costs involved, however I believe that increased prices (compared to other products) do make certain things less available to some people. I also understand that you get what you pay for. If a product is worth it, then informed consumers will choose it anyway.


    I’ve never had goats milk ? Does it taste the same as cow’s milk ? Lina…. are you in VIC or NSW ?


    I am in NSW.

    Goatmilk doesn’t taste very different to cow’s milk according to the people that have taste tested mine.

    But goat’s milk is much better for you. 🙂



    I have wondered what goats milk tastes like as I have considered getting a goat myself, although I have heard you should get two. Is this right?


    Its true. It is better to have two rather than one.Goats are very social.


    Hi Liana, you don’t know how pleased I am to have come across your post, I have been looking for raw/fresh goats milk for a long time now, do you supply o Melbourne?


    There is a lady in Victoria that you can contact for raw goat milk and she is organic.

    I am in NSW.I would be happy to supply you but frankly it would be better for you if you got it from someone who is closer.She can arrange transport for you to Melbourne.

    PM for her details.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 69 total)
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