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    Does anyone know where I can buy raw milk, butter, etc. from pasture-fed animals in Tasmania? (I live near Launceston).

    I’d prefer goat or sheep milk, but cow’s milk will be fine too so long as it’s A2 milk (I can’t have any with A1 casein in it).


    Pebbles, my daughter’s teacher is married to the manager of Cleopatra’s, so I’ll let her know the issues you have been having. So saying, sometimes the change in grasses the cows are eating makes the milk taste different. I get mine direct from a friend and on occasion is tastes different but is perfectly fine.


    I discussed this with my daughter’s teacher this morning and she said a couple of weeks ago, her milk also smelt funny (as did mine from a different herd). She mentioned it to her husband and he said the same thing, it is from different feed 🙂


    Anyone recommend somewhere in Adelaide to get raw milk?

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    Hi AliceG,

    I saw ‘raw jersey milk’ at the Organic shop at five-ways, Kings Meadows yesterday. The cream doesn’t say it’s A2, but being raw it might be worth a try, if you feel you need milk.


    Thanks for the information, Forest Raven. I’ll stop by the shop and have a look.

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    No problems!


    Hi All

    I am living in Hobart, Tas and am having a hard time finding raw organic milk here. My last resort is to try to get my local organic store to order it in from Vic.

    Can any one give me Swampy’s contact details?

    Thanks heaps.


    Raw milk is the very safest milk. I really love raw milk, how much is the cost bythe way?


    I get raw milk from my neighbour :tup: . It is amazingly fabulous. I made my first ricotta cheese the other day which turned out really well.


    Any one have any sources for raw milk in Brisbane area? Around the Redlands preferably, but I’m pretty keen so will travel!


    Hi eromlee,

    Raw milk is not the “safest” but CAN defintely be the absolute best for nutrition and health. However, raw milk can only be as “safe” as the condition under which it is collected, and from the cow it is milked from. The reason the government believe that raw milk is “unsafe” is that under the wrong conditions it can grow extremely harmful bacteria. The reason that shop bought milk is considered “safe” by the government is that it is essentially “dead” milk. Nothing grows in it, and most of its excellent nutritional qualities have been removed by the pasterisation process.

    So, whist I enjoy drinking litres of raw milk daily, I know exactly under what conditions it is collected and kept.

    I guess what I’m long windedly trying to say is not all raw milk is created equal! When purchasing raw milk, from whatever source, you should make polite enquiries regarding the health of the herd and the milk collection and storage methods used.




    Do you think that there is a market for selling organic raw milk for “pets”? Would this be legal?


    I buy it from Mulgrave Farmers Market every Sunday. It tastes great and has lots of cream in it.

    Cost $7 per 2 liters. You can buy it online for about $9 (so its a saving!)

    Swampy also has organic eggs for $10 a dozen and sells real butter and cream (sometimes)…

    Awesome stuff !!! :tup: :tup: :tup:

    uglybetty post=326529 wrote:

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 69 total)
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