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    Hi all, Just joined and looks very interesting …. lots to learn !

    My first interest is : RAW MILK

    Anyone buy raw milk ?

    I’m in Victoria (Metro) and have found Swampy’s Bath Milk online (which is Raw Milk) but I dont really know how pure it is, and I cant find any info/descriptions about it either.

    Any suggestions or info would be great.


    Highly, highly recommend Swampy. His is pure jersey milk, so the best you can get. If you want cream, he will do that for you too (body cream 😉 ) Genuine, & great guy!


    Well well Stef! :wave: How quick was that reply! :clap: :clap: Welcome to ALS.Lots of good folk always ready to help with good info on here. :tup: :tup:


    For a moment there I got a bit excited, until I saw the word ‘Bath’ in there.

    I used to live next door to a dairy farm and had raw milk for all the years we lived there. Out of the cow, down the tube, into the vat and then scooped up into the billy and taken home to drink. Absolutely beautiful! And they weren’t even Jersey cows, and their milk is divine.

    The white crap that is labelled milk in the supermarket barely has any resemblance to raw milk. Some of the organic local milk is not too bad, but it still has to be pasteurised, which destroys the flavour and most of the goodness (but allows them to store it in the shops). Pasteurising kills the beneficial enzymes and turns milk (naturally alkaline-forming) to an acid-forming and difficult to digest form.

    There is no milk that tastes anything like fresh raw milk, and the nanny nazis in this country are idiots to try to ‘protect’ us from this real food (and other real foods). All the years we drank the raw milk (un-everything’d) nobody was sick. We literally never had a day’s illness. The milk was fresh of course, and we got lots of fresh air and sunshine. There was never much milk left over that could go off. (You can actually smell it of course if it does go off.)

    We used to make butter and cheese too.

    Bring back raw milk! In fact, let’s expand it and say Bring back real food!


    so agree with you Casalenta. :clap: I think the “bath” thing is just so that it is leagal to sell it, nothing to do with doing something to the milk itself.


    Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks everyone …. what fantastic reply’s.

    Thanks for clearing up about Swampy’s ….. I will be buying some this Sunday ! :clap:

    As for the “BATH” ….. yes this is only for legal reasons …. they are only allowed to state “cosmetics use only” in writing ….. as it is illegal to sell as a food product.

    Government! They’ll do anything to make us sick and frail … to then go and buy as much as medication as possible to make them rich ….

    You’ll be seeing a lot of me soon ….. as I have heaps of questions about organic gardens …… want to desperately make my own ….. and have 0% knowledge. I am currently buying organics veggies/fruit every week ….. but would like to have my own stack.

    New project !

    Cheers to all !! :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:


    Hi Stef, I don’t know much about the raw milk except that we grew up on the stuff, but I just want to welcome you to ALS.

    We’d be happy to go on your organic garden with you! (We also love pics!). 🙂



    Hi Stef,

    Nice to meet you. We use raw cows milk and love it, just waiting for the cows to come back on ‘the lay’ :woohoo: :laugh:

    Happy day,

    Bobbs :wave:


    Swampy was next to me the last farmers market I did. The milk is the real thing with a bucketload of cream on top typical of jersey milk. He’d just put up his prices. I think the milk was $6 for 2L and his eggs were $8 doz free range and $10 doz organic. Oh he had unsalted butter there as well as cream (he sold out of that fairly quickly so I’d be there nice and early.

    I think the current system is crazy as in the past when you could get raw milk the herd had to be tested clean and the dairy spotless. I’d rather see that sort of system back in place so there was an assurance for customers of getting clean raw milk rather than just banning it.

    I don’t quite agree with the no one got sick drinking raw milk the original reason for it being pasturised was to prevent TB and brucellosis being transmitted to humans through the milk. One of the great uncles had had brucellosis it’s not something you want to pick up from his description.


    Just got my delivery ……..

    Swampy’s Milk is AAA+++++++++++ :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:


    Hi Guys,

    I am based in Sydney and have been purchasing Cleopatra’s Bath Milk for a couple of years now- I have since become a complete convert to raw milk products. At times have been able to get hold of ‘Body’ Cream and at one time ‘real’ Gympie farm butter as well. The real butter is no longer supplied in Sydney, the cream is only available once a year at best and the milk is just not as good as it used to be ( for the past couple of weeks it has actually gone ‘off’ as if it’s been pasteurized and separated into foul smelling (not beautiful naturally occurring) curds and whey after only 4 days (delivered on Sunday, off by Wednesday morning). I am obviously weary about the quality control of the Cleo’s milk at the moment.

    I have managed to get my hands on the Swampies cream Last week and it was absolutely amazing but heard that it will no longer be delivered in Sydney. Would someone be able to help me with getting the contact details for the person supplying Swampies or at least the distributor. I would love to be able to get a regular (weekly) supply of milk and cream. I have also heard about his amazing eggs, so I would love to try them also.



    Pebbles, can’t help you with your supply, I am sure someone will be around soon with that, but just a thought with the other milk. Might be the time of the year, i.e., winter, low pastures with less nutrition effecting the milk. It would be interesting to see if the quality changes in spring.


    Bugger, I was at the farmers market yesterday and forgot to go to Swampy’s stall. 🙁


    He no longer attends Collingwood, A! 🙁 He delivers to Melb tho’, so you can get his products regardless…


    kerrieb post=320284 wrote: I don’t quite agree with the no one got sick drinking raw milk the original reason for it being pasturised was to prevent TB and brucellosis being transmitted to humans through the milk. One of the great uncles had had brucellosis it’s not something you want to pick up from his description.

    I was referring to my own family’s experience. Any food can be contaminated and cause illness. There are regular outbreaks of salmonella poisoning for example, caused by foods such as fish, chicken, peanut butter, turkey, sprouts, ducks, raw tomatoes, raw chillies etc. etc. But nobody suggests any of those foods should be banned. I found an interesting list here:

    Interesting because of all the outbreaks of salmonella poisoning not one was caused by raw milk, and yet the recommendation at the bottom is to avoid raw milk, and there’s nothing about avoiding any of the foods that actually caused the outbreaks. As for brucellosis, I believe you can only get from raw milk from cows that are sick with the disease.

    I now found another way to get raw milk, as bath milk seems to be unavailable around here. So I’ve bought a share in a cow! It’s perfectly legal to drink raw milk from your own cow.

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