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Rainforest retreat mid-north NSW

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    Hello and regards, Simply Livingsters.

    I just wanted to notify anyone interested that our sale has fallen through, so our property is being listed again. (On as well as with an agent, Crown Property Sales.)

    We have a two-home 63 acre property, most of which is natural rainforest (including a closed canopy palm tree forest). About 14 acres is cleared but hilly, and we use it to run a small group of belted galloways, largely organically. No spray, millions of frogs, many fruit trees (mangoes, Australian bush tucker trees, tamarillos, macadamias, citrus, you name it), all planted within easy reach for home use. Because of the many frogs and rich rainforest ecosystem, we have no problem with pests on the vege garden or trees.

    Crossmaglen is a small, lush, fertile dairy/beef/lifestyler valley about 15 minutes from Coffs Harbour airport and 10 minutes from Sawtell beaches and major shops. There is a one-room school with a great reputation just a few kilometres from the property, and access to the property from the main road is via a mostly tarred or concreted right-of-way (we come in and out in a Pulsar). There is also a short back route to Bellingen via a usable driveway through the forest (private use). State forest forms the rear and partial side boundary, and about a quarter to a third of the property is zoned 7A (environmental protection), while the rest is 1A (agricultural). The closest neighbouring block is shielded from ours by a similar 7A zone, so privacy from that quarter is protected.

    The property is home to ranging koalas, lyrebirds, bowerbirds, fruit doves, lace monitors, geckoes and so forth. A mountainside inhibits main valley agriculture (of which there is almost no banana cultivation, and mainly grazing or orchardry) from affecting our runoff, and we have a large dam and endless drinkable water via a bore and rainwater tank. The rainfall here is so high we don’t need the dam (its main purpose is fish/yabbies/recreation).

    Set about 400 metres away from the first house, and in complete visual and aural privacy from it, the property’s second 3-bedroom house (which is unapproved except as a shed, but its septic and wet areas are approved) is in a valley of its own with views almost to the sea across lush rolling hills and no other house in sight for kilometres. The first house (double brick, also 3-bedroom) has lovely views across a large neighbouring dam to the main valley and deep blue hills. Both houses are small but cosy, and the second house has enormous decks and a slow combustion stove used only for the coolest weeks of our temperate winters (Sawtell, incidentally, has the CSIRO’s ideal climate award).

    You can look at numerous photos of the property on (search around Bonville and check ‘surrounding suburbs’), or contact either the owner (PM me if you want the number) or Crown Property Sales at Urunga or Coffs Harbour. The property is listed for $565K, as we are moving south for work and other reasons.

    There are few properties with as much privacy and yet such closeness to services as this one, but we are what agents call ‘motivated vendors’.

    DP for the property is 857716 if you want to check it out on the Dept of Lands website (the SIX interface lets you see property boundaries etc, though it’s pretty close to what’s on Google).

    Thanks everyone!

    Edited to add:

    You’ll find it under ‘rural’ at Bonville.


    Oh I’m in love with your property. 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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