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    I just got a new computer and lost my favourites,and along with it a great website I got from someone here that predicted rainfall volumes for your area over the week ahead with a percentage of accuracy for the prediction.
    It was a great website does any one have a link????


    Thanks Steve
    theres some good ones there but the one I was after I think was posted by the poster with the Bull avatar I think he lives in central Qld, hasnt been around for a while
    You could set it to just your area and it gave predictions for a few towns Nth and South of you for the next week
    No graphics just numbers of predicted mm per day and the % off accuracy.
    I used to work out when to go shopping and when to clean my gutters by it,it was very accurate.


    Was it weatherzone?  It was reasonably accurate when we lived near Canberra, far less accurate now that we live out west (anything under 90% chance of rain means NO rain at all).

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    I use this:
    You can put in your location and you get a forecast for the next 7 days.  Gives you all sorts of stuff, including the chance of rain and how much.


    I have found their reliability all depends on if there is a weather station is near your location. The closest to me is in Maryborough (35 k’s away), which is not a true picture at all. The other two I could pick are as far away if not further, but in different directions, either Bendigo or Charlton. So I just take a guess at what might be.


    Hello Snags,

    Would this be the one you are after?  It is the one we use and it does what you asked for.

    I have that one and its good
    This one I was looking for was probably not much different just really simple gave 7(maybe 5) day forecast for about 6 or 10 areas near your location.
    Just Town names and predictions of MM and percentage.
    It was really basic but quite accurate.
    I used to clean my gutters and plan my shopping trips by it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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