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Radish – Chooks or Worms

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    Have a pile of large radishes to pull out. These are around 50/60 mm in diameter.

    I have given a couple to the chooks to peck at but they do not seem interested.

    Any ideas on how to make them interesting for the chooks or can I feed then to the worms. Have not feed radish to the worms before and not sure if they are acceptable.

    Cheers :shrug:


    Maybe cook em up and add them to a mash or something? Maybe added to some bran or pollard with some crushed garlic and other scraps…That way they won’t be so hot… the older woody radishes usually have a bit of a bite to them. Would be a nice little tonic methinks. :tup:

    My chookens love the radish greens.


    Thanks Erthgirl worth ago


    Can you possibly eat them? I’m thinking 50 to 60 mm is not that large. Perhaps save some to use in soups or stews fry up with the onions, garlic, carrot, etc..


    The chooks might eat them grated and mixed with feed.

    What about pickled radish? (for you, not the chooks) I had some recently and they are surprisingly good. :tup:

    I have also used some in stews and roast, I like them better in salads but they were fine cooked.


    Throw them in to the chooks. If they don’t eat them now they will scratch them up in 6 months and peck anything living in them. Failing that they will rot down eventually. Same with the worms. Too much molly coddling of chooks and worms going on these days.


    Thanks folks

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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