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    My quilting is reasonable, I prefer by hand, as I can’t sew a straight line on the machine:lol: A block a month would be something to aim for….for those who are time poor maybe they could set thier own targets. How about a theme, or it that too restrictive?



    Yep why not going with a theme… something to do with ALS, gardening or chooks? 😆

    Cheers! :hug:



    LOL i love this idea but time wise i am hopeless:uhoh:

    i still have a partly fininshed cot quilt that was meant for my little man as a bub and he is now 5 :jawdrop:

    hehe i guess i am a little over commited too:D but i can live in hope and wait eagerly to see what you all come up with.

    ( i think it is the 3 kids ,hubby, 16 rabbits,14 guineapigs,dog,cat,fish and 3 horses that take all my time and add the usual cooking,cleaning,gardening stuff as well as just having moved house LOL:tongue: )

    BUT all good intentions :metal:

    Cheers Kate


    Hey Dianne, this is your idea. What are your thoughts on this now that you have some people wanting to give it a go?

    I agree that it must be fun, with no gripes if a person can’t finish something either on time or at all. That takes away any possible stress.

    There must be different ways to work with this idea.

    What I have thought of is:

    We each try for a block a month and then somehow work out how to send each block on to another member of the group. Then at the end of, maybe , 9 or 12 months we each put together the different blocks that we have into a quilt.

    That means we would be making a quilt out of 9 or 12 blocks that other people had made. By altering the ‘pairing of names for swapping’ each month every one would have a block from each member of the group.

    This would also negate problems with different standards of ability cause we would all have a mixture.

    Does it matter if the quilt has handsewn and machine sewn blocks in it?

    I don’t mind at all. I think it would be great fun. We would just have a theme like ballamara said. For example, chooks or farms or flowers or gardens or whatever. Then we each make our blocks as we see suitable for that theme.

    darls mentioned about sewing ability. I can’t sew clothes and things and I don’t have a sewing machine. I embroider, and cross stitch stuff.

    My main love is quilts with both patchwork and embroidery. I have made one quilt (well except for finishing the binding) it is the Teddy’s Garden Treasure one. I have almost finished the top of the Girls Day Out quilt and have quite a few :lol::lol: others on the go.

    My work I would class as average and my enjoyment of what I do is way over the top – 500 out of 100 😆

    I hope this takes off. It could be terrific.


    mary doll

    i am new to the entire sewing scene. i have made 2 quilts. i have been looking at some quilting sites. what about a quilt along. the person running the quiltalong decides on the block pattern and maybe could post some links for tutorials? then we could post pictures of our blocks. we could have a new block a month?

    In regard to fabrics…maybe just the same 4 fabrics in every block…not sure on that one.

    I need something my sewing isnt all the great.

    i am up for what ever is decided..



    count me in i am all for it

    what a wonderful idea


    this is great.

    I was thinking the sewalong thing like marydoll said.

    If we had one project and everybody could work on theres and post photos and stuff. That way everyone ends up with a finished item.

    since there are a lot of begingers we could do a smaller thing,maybe a table runner, babys cot quilt ect.

    was also thinking we could take turns at who picks the project. that way we may end up doing something different to what we are used too.

    Also didn’t know if everyone wonted to use there own stashes are if like the block clubs we all do the same?

    What do you think?


    For got to put the list up.










    JUDI B








    Another thought…..should we make them all the same size eg. 12 inches?


    ummmm, I know I said I would be involved but everything all of you have said is like double dutch to me. I assume that a block is a square of a patchwork quilt?? One a month???

    I’m out of my depth, I can mend my boys pants/shirts etc because I just follow the existing stitching marks but I haven’t really done anything else.

    Except I made a pillowcase when I first got my sewing machine 15yrs ago, it’s about the only thing I have done with it!!

    Please include very simple and very plain instructions or I will have to bow out of this one.



    Hang in there fruitful it’s not as complicated as it sounds. I will hunt through my books and see if I can find step by step instructions other wise I will talk you through it via a pm


    Ballmara is right. Its just sewing a bunch of squares and triangles ect together. looks much more than it is. Anyway that is the point of us doing something together, if someone gets stuck than we can ask for help.:tup:


    any one else out there.


    Dianne will you put me onto the ‘watching’ list with Wendy please. I should have said right at the beginning but I guess I got carried with the whole idea.

    I have reached a stage in my life when I only do what I like to do and so I will wait till I see the pattern the majority of the group chooses and then, if it’s ok with all of you, I will join in or stay an interested onlooker until the next pattern comes up.

    Happy stitching folks. :hug::hug:


    sewing lady

    how are we going to decide what pattern we are going to use?

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