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    Hi there, our QLD Giant pepper Vine has produced a crop of seeds this year and I am thinking of offering to swap sets of ten seeds for something someone else has… I’m mostly interested anything slightly unnusual, so if anyone has anything, I’m happy to make a swap 🙂

    Its scientific name is: Piper hederaceum (or Piper novae-hollandiae)

    And we’ve used it successfully in a few salads so far, it has a slightly more fruity pepper flavour. When fresh the fruit ripens to a bright red it tastes rather sweet and fruity, and when the seed is chewed it tastes just as spicy as normal pepper with a slightly clove-y aftertaste. I’ve read that it’s called the Giant pepper vine because it grows bigger than all other pepper vines with a hard wooden trunk of up to 40cms.

    Here is a link to a website describing what they’re like:



    got nothing to swap as we are still settling in and haven’t started developing our new place as yet, but would like to buy some seeds from you.

    many thanks



    Thanks Gardenlen, I’ll PM you, just to update for everyone else, by ‘unnusual’ that also includes any heirloom varieties… One thing that I am after is the ‘peanut butter’ fruit bush seeds… Can’t seem to find them for sale in markets 🙁


    Having looked at your link I think I could legitimately encourage that vine in the dry vine scrub next to our property , if it’s a QLD native.Would you agree?

    Would you like some Moringa_oleifera seeds to swap? Have a look at the three Moringa threads on here before you decide.If so please pm me with your address and we’ll get ouselves organised.


    Thanks, Pmd you :)I am definitely curious about the MORINGA OLEIFERA!


    I have a friend with a Peanut-butter tree and sold some seeds from her to Daley’s. I will ask her if she has any more.


    Can either of you tell us a bit about the peanut butter tree please?

    OK.Didin’t hurt me to do some Googling! Here’s a clip from Daley’s – perhaps that tree grew from one of your friend’s seeds!!

    I’m having trouble inserting links today – that’s the second one not working?

    Anyway, looks like a handy tree for frost free areas.


    I know that the fruit is red and tastes like sweetened peanut butter… and I think it grows on a bush… that’s about all I know but I love the flavour so would love to get my hands on a few of the seeds 🙂


    asked SGAP today about germinating these pepper seeds, info’ says:

    fruit must be ripe and mature

    seeds best when fresh

    need no scarifying etc.,.

    can take 6 to 12 months to germinate

    better results maybe had putting a layer of humasy leaves on top of the seeded area to replicate rainforst conditions




    g’day all,

    here is how germination went for us:

    we planted 6X5″ (=2 pots of each method)pots with i think 6 seeds spread around the sides of the pots.

    we scarified 6 seeds by rubbing, 6 by pouring boiling water on them and 6 ah la natural.

    the results one pot with the sandpapered seeds has 5 plants in it 4 are shaping into a vine so will be transplanted out, the other pot of same no result.

    we have one small plant in one of the natural pots, and one the same in one of the boiling water pots.

    all planted in the same medium and all got the same watering

    when i e/mailed SGAP none had germinated, i took their suggestion of putting a bit of a layer of mulchy grass/leaves, on the pots, they said try to imitate the floor of the rain forest.

    all pots that are bare will be carried for at least 12 months to see what happens.

    do we have any tips on uses and when to harvest etc.,?

    many thanks



    ok after lots of digging it appears it could be salad mallow



    Hi Len, not sure what you mean by when to harvest?… When the vine produces fruit :). It is a permanent vine so just take the fruits off and the vine should fruit again in its next season… (I’m still not sure how different seasons affect this vine as this is only our second year in the house which has the vine).

    After drying the seeds I just crushed mine up with a mortar & Pestle and use like you would for normal pepper.

    You could probably just use them fresh, too.. I made one spaghetti boloniase sauce and used the fresh fruits


    Ps. Glad to hear of your success with them! hope you like the flavour


    thanks littelchief,

    by harvest i meant how long after the fruit is ripe, or can they be harvested earlier and give like white pepper. i like my pepper, can they be dried and used in pepper mill or coffee grinder.

    many thanks hey all still living after the transplant, more might germinate as yet, as a couple pots only had one plant instead of about 5 or 6, mem’ bad. still got some pots out there with none germinated.

    how many plants would be too many?

    take care



    Blue Wren, I would love some Moringa seeds. We have been doing aid work in Cambodia for 9 months and have had a friend looking after our property so I’m not sure what seeds will be available to swap for them. I did have some heirloom vegie seeds when I left. We will be home soon, though. Can you please save me some? If I have nothing to swap I will gladly buy some.

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