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    Does anyone use the wild purslane that grows as a weed? I did google & found a bit on edible vegetarian.

    I am guessing the stem & little leaves can be used? Any suggestions would be appreciated!


    Bubba Louie

    I used to like nibbling it raw when I was a kid.


    I’ve mixed it into salads. Didn’t like it once it had flowered, but when it was young, even quite big leaves were fine. I just chopped it up between the leaves and dropped the leaves with the little bits of stem attached into my salad bowl.

    I know there is a ‘cultivated’ variety which has larger leaves, but I just used the garden weeds – though mainly the ones I left to grow in the fed beds.


    We have it growing here, haven’t tried it but I know the chooks love it, so that’s where it usually ends up when pulled out.:D


    Don’t eat the stem. The leaves are used in salad. Highest content of omega 3 of any plant/vegetable.

    If the chooks eat it you get naturally fortified eggs.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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