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purple stems on tomato seedlings

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    I have grown a few different heirloom varieties of tomatoes from seeds and at the moment they are about a foot high and they all have purple stems.

    I did some googling and people say mostly its not a problem do don’t worry about it, or a few places mention phosphorus deficiency but I can’t find a concensus on it.

    I would normally not worry about it but.. I started them inside and they all had purple stems except for one which was the biggest and best. This one had a greeny yellow stem until it was transplanted into the garden bed and now its gone purple. The other ones have started to catch up on it slightly, so I’m guessing that it could be a nutrient deficiency.

    Also it has been a very warm start to spring here in Perth and their shade cloth screen is not quite positioned right. It could be too much sun for little ones, I’m going outside right now to stretch it all the way over them.

    Anyone have any ideas??


    Mine all have purple stems too. They always seem to when young. I wouldn’t worry about it.


    My tomato plant has been turning purple all week. Plants planted in various soil spots are maybe as thick as two matchstick, despite being exactly as old as that one. Please suggest something good.


    Never really took m,uch notice but mine have purple stems and all look healthy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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