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    I’m collecting purple oak leaf lettuce at the moment and have heaps if you’d like some.

    jennifer g

    kohl rabi too! it’s delicious and looks gorgeous growing!



    You might like to call your wonderful garden “Purple Rain”;) It was a huge hit song for Prince.:) I’m sure you would like the rain – not sure it will be purple, though:confused:


    Judi B

    Mumchook wrote:

    What a brilliant idea – a purple garden! I think I might start planting up a purple vegie section of my garden. I already have a number of purple-y flowering plants etc.

    GREAT compilation of photographs, Scarecrow – as usual! – some lovely plants there…


    I’d be happy if my garden was just plain old GREEN and not brown and crunchy.


    We’ve got purple top turnips, purple king beans and purple capsicum and Eggplant. Today we bought two Brunsfelsia (Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow) which have purple flowers and we are currently having our house painted, the verandah posts will be purple.

    P (which doesn’t stand for purple)


    Oh dear all you lovely purple patch people! You’ve all been so great in responding and I haven’t had a chance to get back to you all. My little toddler has come down with chicken pox – covered in purple spots! (Well, red really, but in a certain light…) so I’ve been a little preoccupied. But you have all inspired me to go even more purple than I am now. And reminded me of the other purple produce I’m growing…purple lettuces (unknown variety from a nursery’s mixed punnet), a bunch of purple flowers I can’t recall the name of and I have the plums (Mariposa and Satsuma as well as some escaped feral plums that are just coming up all over the place around here). I plan to plant a mulberry and some grapes and a friend gave me a manzanilla olive which when the olives go black look almost purplish! And I will be contacting you scarecrow for some seeds when I have a spare moment – thank you so very much for the fabulous offer and the gloriouis photos. When i find the time I’ll set up pix of our garden in development – from the ugly and non-toddler safe above ground swimming pool to a sunken veg garden with views! And its purple produce!


    tarn & spotty Sam

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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