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    Hi everyone

    I’ve written several non-fiction ebooks that I’d like to publish and thus earn a few $$ to help the budget.

    I’ve done quite a lot of research on various web sites about “how to” and my problem is that I am really confused about the simplest/best way to do it.

    I had a quote from a local fellow for $2K to design a web site. :ohmy:

    I read up on Amazon/kindle and they only allow payment in the euro or US$ – and I don’t have a lot of confidence in either currency. But I would do that as an additional measure.

    Some people talk about the necessity for a blog, others say forget it.

    My subjects are rather niche market – writing grants, starting a club, corporate governance etc so I don’t think I’ll be bowled over in the rush.

    I know absolutely nothing about facebook or twitter (and have no real desire to learn)

    Has anyone done the publish ebooks thing – and have the patience to help me through the process or point me to a “now do this” link please?


    Hey Anne,

    I came across this guy -> a while ago when I was thinking of trying to make a few extra $$$ off of the internet maybe he might be able to point you in the right direction.


    I earn some money by publishing how-to books and ebooks online. I use as well as some others – and they are free to use. You just upload the manuscript onto their sites and they get a small cut from ones that sell. It is easy and FREE. Just google free ebook publishing and you will come up with some sites.

    The hard thing is to get customers to view and buy your books. You really should build a website ( is free and good, I have used them for years to make websites) and promote your stuff on there, and you can use free online classifieds like to place ads.


    Hi anne

    I’ve only been introduced to Facebook in the last coupe of weeks, and I reckon, to maximise your cover, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have a link on it. As to how much involvement you have on FB, it’s entirely up to you.

    Good luck! :tup:



    Thank you so much for the advice! I’ll chase up the links. Part of my problem is that I tend to procrastinate when there are so many options because I don’t want to stuff things up :blush: New year = new determination.


    Well, I’ve made a start with lulu. And it’s taken me about 6 hrs to get the first book uploaded. Still have a lot of formatting to do but that will do for today – my head is spinning. I expect the next one should be a bit easier though; but one step at a time.


    thanks for this thread, i was just thinking that with the 5 million other jobs i have to do, i might find the time to write a book, at least i know how to distribute it now!

    Member is fantastic for self publishing, I have a small cook book (the busy mums kitchen cookbook) and I used lulu. I also use facebook as a publicity but been a bit slack with it lately but it got me a few sales (one tip is not everyone will “like” your page but i got a lot of click through s to the book and then sales).



    I’m a self published author (fiction writing). This is what I’ve discovered.

    First, if you have to pay for something. Don’t. There are plenty of free blog sites that you can use.

    I go through Amazon and Smashwords. Both have different formatting requirements for their work, so I end up with two versions of the same work. You can download their requirements from their sites.

    Amazon only sells for Kindle ereaders – which limits the market quite a bit. Whereas Smashwords allows you to publish in all different formats (and there are quite a few different brands of ereaders out there).

    Amazon also allows you to create hardcopy publications. I tried Lulu but didn’t get very far because the thought of managing my publication through another website was too much. Plus I had a question about publishing, which I sent an email off to lulu and they never got back to me on, so I decided not to use them but then I was in one of those “ahh, this is all too difficult” moments.

    Blogs, Facebook, Twitter are all supposed to increase your presence. BUT first, you need to ask yourself what your target audience is, and if they would be likely to use these media. If the answer is yes, then I’d set up a facebook account, go and find a free blog site and think twice about Twitter – because the only real use is if you are going to be on it all the time. I have a Twitter account but I rarely use it. Personally, I don’t enjoy it, and why on earth would anyone really care about what I”m doing at this moment in time (washing dishes).

    There are also other websites, such as good reads which have 5 million users and a lot of book based clubs. You can keep a blog on that website.

    Don’t expect to make a lot of money. Also with Smashwords and Amazon – to get any income from these sites you have to apply for a USA Tax number, which requires you lodge a form with the IRS, but first you need to prove who you are by going to a consulate office and getting them to sign off on the form (ala justice of the peace style) and this can take months to get the IRS foreigner tax number thingy back.

    Hope this helps. Hope I haven’t confused you too much. Sorry am a little tired and it all kinda dumped out of my brain.


    Good grief! What a lot of info. Thanks for the tip about USA tax number – I’ll delete that at this stage. I’ll have a look at Smashwords as I’ve never heard of it. An infrequent blog is a possibility but doubt whether I’ll have anything to do with fb & twitter because of the (lack of) privacy issues that I’ve read about.

    I’ve got Bk 1 as a POD with lulu and am now trying to turn it into an ebook (read 10 things then type 2 :ohmy: )

    No I don’t expect my books to top the bestseller list but every little bit helps :laugh: .


    Easy way to prevent any privacy issues with Fb is to just not add the info you dont want to disclose! I went one step further, i have a profile, but its not in my name! And its set to MAX private, so its not even searchable, and no one can search for it as its not my name 😉

    Then i just created a ‘page’ for my etsy shop, and only use that, i dont update my profile, i dont have any links to myself on it either. And also with twitter, its in my shop name and my online name, not my real name. Plus, i use it only for my shops, so i post new products, special deals, release dates, upcoming sales etc. So you see, they are very useful. I have seen that when i list a new item i get about 40 views for it when listed on twitter, otherwise the views are down in the 4-5 mark…

    So you dont have to post personal information, you dont even have to read it most the time. Just post and go! But link to them wherever you can so people go there. They can read them when they want and will always get your updates.

    Etsy can list ebooks too, in your own storefront. Just convert them to pdf and lock them, then email them when someone orders them. If you dont like fb or twitter just get a free blog!


    Though I haven’t written an ebook myself, I imagine it would be a bit of an uphill battle if you don’t have any sort of a following before publishing. I believe that marketing starts before you have a product. Thus, if I were to write an ebook / book I would write, write, write, and write some more and build that following prior.

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